Corona Beer-Coronavirus Controversy

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Drink Beer AFTER a Workout?!

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(audience clapping) – Companies are now marketing performance beers. They claim to contain electrolytes, have fewer calories,, and they also claim to help replenish the body after a sweat session. These are some interesting claims, but what is the real (laughs) deal? So firsts things first with a beer, in my opinion, you have to […]

Energy drink healing logic in PUBG

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Okay Okay okay okay Okay we’ve got 20 seconds till the circle moves Shit where’s Adam? Adam! Oh Oh! Adam are you alright mate?! Yuck! Med packs med packs! What do you need? What do you need? Do you need anything? What do you need? What do you need? I’m good I’m good Ahh Ahhh […]

Scientists attempt to replace the ubiquitous chemical BPA in food and drink cans

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A ubiquitous chemical called Bisphenol A, better known as BPA, coats the inside of many food and drink cans. This lining is 2 micrometers thick, less than 1/8th of the thickness of a human hair. It’s the crucial barrier between metal and liquid that ensures a can of soda will retain it’s fizz and flavor. […]

Best Wine-Bodega Norton Malbec Reserva 2011 Review

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Hello and welcome back to another addition of’s video wine library! Today we’re featuring a Malbec Reserva from Bodega Norton that is located in Argentina. Its vintage is 2011. Priced around $15 dollars, this wine can be found at Total Wine, Whole Foods, Pavilions and select wine shops. Considered by critics to be one […]

How to Pronounce Veuve Clicquot? Champagne French Wine Pronunciation

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Welcome to your wine pronunciation video. We are looking at how to pronounce the name of one of the most famous brands of Champagne from France, we are looking at how to pronounce Veuve Clicquot. Veuve Clicquot. So I’m going to be guiding you through the pronunciation the traditional pronunciation in English, as well as […]

Anti-drink drive campaign – a mother’s story

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Sam was such a character Sam was such a character he was so full of life My phone never stopped ringing he was always texting and all his friends said the same and all his friends said the same If they got a phone call at 2am – that was Sam he was so full […]

Don’t Choose The Wrong Mystery Drink Challenge for $10,000

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Hey what’s up guys? My name is Huck this is Tel and Tommy today we’re playing a game where there are three drinks here two of them are bad one of them we have no idea where they are inside of this mystery box here the winner of this first round is gonna win $2,000 […]

“How to shop for a good Wine|”Wine spirit tour|aileen’s journal

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total wine spirit all kinds of things

‘Wine Down’ Ep. 7 w/ Issa, Prentice Penny & Kendrick Sampson | Insecure | Season 3

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Welcome to this week’s Wine Down, where we’re joined by an awesome new cast member, Mr. Kendrick Sampson, who plays Issa-slash-my-new-bae, Nathan. Now, Issa and Nathan’s relationship seems promising in other episodes. In this episode, you kinda become, like, “Ghost Bae.” You know, there was a Lyft investigation going on, maybe he got caught up. […]