Sparkling wine made meticulously from Maine blueberries

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VLOG 001 | Chania Crete old town | Where is the Wine?

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This is Chania, in Crete! I’m only here for 48 hours. I have been called in for a meeting. I’ve organized a second meeting. But, I reckon I’m gonna find time to show you tasters around. Time is gonna be tight but I’m just gonna have to be organized let’s do this! No matter how […]

Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink (Bjork & Georgina) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex? – In the street, in a car, on the night club. – Oh my god. – I don’t think it’s strange. – I’m Bjork. – I’m Georgina. She is my daughter. – And that’s my mama. You ready for this? Okay. Oh my god. Well, have you […]

I Drink EVERYTHING On The STARBUCKS Menu (25,000 CALORIES!!) ☕️? | Mar

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Adults Try Shotgunning Beers Without Instructions

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– Okay! (playful music) – I have never shotgunned a beer before. – I don’t really have like a reason that I’ve never shotgunned a beer before. It just hasn’t happened. – I actually did not drink until I was 21. – I don’t really know how to do it. Don’t … don’t really care […]

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float – Tipsy Bartender

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3 Sparking Wine Cocktails (Clean Wine) | Thrive Market

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Oh! I didn’t put the champagne in it. Happy holidays and thanks for tuning in. I’m Megan Mitchell and I’m here in the Thrive Market Test Kitchen and I’m gonna show you three holiday sparkling wine cocktails, because why not? Because it’s the holidays and Thrive Market has sparkling wine, and I want to show […]

Wild Beer Taste Test

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–( rooster crows ) –( lion roars )Welcome to Good Mythical More. Mind reading. Link, write down what you’re thinking of right now – on that board. – Oh, on this? Uh… Okay, what is it? Why you thinking about my mom like that? You’re right. I wrote “chicken.” – “Chicken.” – I don’t know […]

We Taste Test Indian Beers | BuzzFeed India

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Why you fingering your beer? *Watch out for Sonia who is gonna be on Indian Idol this year* Someone scooped toilet water and then was just, like, let’s make a business out of this. So we are here to taste some Indian beer. Beer is the only drink that I have. Bombay is too hot […]

My Professor & I Play Truth or Drink | Cut

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(laughter) – What would it take for us to hook up? – That one I could drink to. (laughter) (classical music) – I’m Matthew. – I’m Shaun. – And I am a student of this lovely human. Shaun teaches small groups of humans how to produce theater non-profit, on stage, off stage, behind the camera, […]