On the 6th Day of Fitness Alcohol Consumption during the holidays.

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Coach Dave here with the Treehouse. I have a special guest with me, Miss Amanda , this is hi Amanda we wanted to do a I guess consuming beverages over the holidays video because it’s something that we work with a lot of our clients on and I think it’s an important concept to to […]

Sadhguru – drinking excess water is dangerous, Never do that!

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Sadhguru , this question is coming from Commander Abhilash Sadhguru: Oh! He is Indian Naval Officer,the first Indian to complete a solo unassisted non-stop circumnavigation under sail. He’s also an Isha meditator who practiced Shambavi every day on the boat during his trip. Sadhguru: He must be some inspiration to all of you So, two […]


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if you’re from Australia, you might know a chocolate chain called Max Brenner. Max Brenner is a coffee shop – Max Brenner himself is a chocolatier they call him. When you go order a hot chocolate from Max Brenner, there’s a whole bunch of different options, and one of them is called an Italian Thick. […]

Cosco Folding Beverage Cart

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Check out Virginia’s Newest Beverage Trail, Nelson 29

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Why Some People Drink Alcohol & Some People Don’t Drink

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As you have said for many times Shiva has explored all the diamonds Shiva has explored all the dimensions of life everything has explored in this age when the energy is at its peak how can we explore every aspect of the life without being untouched and getting attached to all the compulsive activities we […]

Irish People Taste Test Potato Alcohol

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-Not to insinuate a stereotype or anything but Irish people drink potatoes. God knows. -Yeah, ’cause why have 2 national stereotypes when you can have 1 SUPER one [music] [crunching as Donal eats a raw potato] -(Both) [sniffing] *overlapping agreeing* Smells really good yeah -[retches] Oh that is strong -Oh that’s nice -That’s really nice! […]

Basic Wine Terms, wine vocabulary, glossary of wine terminology, wine dictionary & guide, wine 101

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We are going to talk about wine terms. Today I’m with two great Masters of Wine. To go over these terms it’s a full course on wine. It’s true. A valuable course. A valuable course which you are planning to give away. Remind me why that’s a good idea? I remind you everyday… Two Masters […]

Wine Tasting RIBERA DEL RIO Airen VdT Castilla

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Good morning! My name is Magdaleno Garcia Rojo. I´m a winemaker. We are here for the tasting of this wine by the RIBERA DEL RIO brand. This wine has the “Vino de la tierra de Castilla” category. We are now in the region of La Mancha which is the biggest winegrowing area of Spain. This […]

Bastiaan has a bad trip after drinking DXM | Drugslab

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Oh, I can’t take it anymore. I’m seeing yellow dots. Hi, I’m Nellie. -And I’m Bastiaan. And welcome… -In our Drugslab. In this lab we try different drugs to see what they do to our body. If you’re curious about a drug, let us know and maybe we’ll try it. Many people, among whom Mercy, […]