Hank Williams III – Smoke & Wine

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Vinsent | New Entreé To Fine Wine

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So at Vinsent we’re creating a platform for wineries to be able to directly connect with consumers by explaining to them what wine they’re working on and inviting consumers to purchase that wine already while it’s still in the barrel. As a winery owner I saw a complete disconnect between the winery and the wine […]

I Like Beer – Songify the News 17

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Heidi is my best friend in the world and I am blessed from God to be married to Heidi Cruz. Thank you for that illuminating 15 minutes. Now, moving on Senator, our next question is from twitter, and I have user Jason420 who asks, must I continue to drive from Denton to Denver to “go […]

The Microbiology of Beer – Microbes After Hours

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drinktec 2017 — Light Wine – Less Alcohol, more Taste!

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Wine stands for pleasure and Dolce Vita. But stylish and light please! Men – and women – want to enjoy in moderation, because health and fitness are popular today. The current trends in the wine industry are certainly heading towards lighter products, meaning less alcohol, it’s heading a bit more towards white wine and products […]

Wine Tasting | Niagara Attractions | Ice Wine Expert

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So you want to become an Icewine Expert? Come on in to The Ice House Winery, Niagara’s Icewine Specialists, where you can enjoy the best tasting package! First, you’ll get the Vidal Icewine (The Ice House Winery’s Gold Medal Winning) which we pair well with the spicy wasabi pea Because the heat and the sweet […]

Drinking Games Suck

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(upbeat pop music) – It felt like scorpions, but in a good way. – Grant, no one cares. Good news everyone, College Humor just hit its 100th sketch. (group cheers) – Cool, hey, lets celebrate. I brought some beer. This is a rare, Trappist ale, it’s… – Lets play a drinking game! – Yeah! – […]

Maria Groß trifft Judith Dorst-Fißler – Weinfreunde Wine Chefs: Folge 5

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Sauvignon Blanc – How to Say it? French Wine Pronunciation

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What is up guys? I’m Julien the French way making guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube yes wine video so welcome back to another wine video welcome to your wine pronunciation video. Today we are looking at the name of one of the most famous one of the most delicious of all white […]

Stephen Explains The Shutdown With Beer

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