Tennessee Valley Coalition for the homeless hosts Wine Run 5k

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Official teaser “คืนนั้น red Wine in the dark Night”

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Have you ever had sex? I’ve waited for you for a long time. I want to be alone. You don’t have to come here anymore. You said it was just for fun. Is it for real now? On July 23 Help! It’s hurts! So who are you? Where are you from? Why can’t I remember […]

Make Red Wine at home – part 1

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Watch Part II to know the next Step

A Guide to Red Wine : Opening Bottles of Red Wine

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Hello. My name is Mihaly Fabok. We are here in behalf of Expert Village. We are here for learning about red wines and I would like to show for you the cantation, which is the most beautiful process in the dining room when we open a bottle of wine. So, this is a nice Cuier […]

Official Trailer – คืนนั้น red Wine in the dark Night

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You don’t have to come here anymore. You don’t love me anymore? Listen, I’ve never loved you. Tee confided something to us. He said he loved you. He said he really loved you. He wants to see you this evening. Why did you guys fool him like that? You said it was just for fun. […]

How Do Cats and Dogs Drink Water?

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You might have noticed how cats delicately lap up milk, while dogs will head over to a water dish and sloppily splash all over your floor. Turns out, there’s some interesting physics to back up the phrase, “cats rule and dogs drool.” That’s because these pets have to use their tongues to get liquids into […]

Carrie Underwood – Drinking Alone

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What Beer Ramen Tastes Like

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– Oh, my God, that is so wild. Today we are at Yuu Japanese Tapas in Richmond, and it is home to the Insta-famous beer ramen. We did a video about the beer ramen a few months back. When I first saw this, I was so shocked. The beer ramen was one of those things […]

Why Do Men Get Beer Bellies?

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Narrator: Americans love beer. On average, 42% of them prefer it to any other kind of alcohol, so you might not be shocked to hear that according to multiple studies, over half of American adults have a beer gut. But don’t swear off your Friday-night cold one just yet because it’s not beer specifically that’s […]

Blind(folded) Dates | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Will you make out with me for one minute? – Uh… (orchestral music) – Hi, I’m Sienna. – Hi, I’m Chris, nice to meet you, I guess. – Yeah, kind of. – [Host] Go ahead and introduce yourselves. – Ladies first. – I was gonna shake your hand. – Oh. – I’m Jim, nice […]