Peloponnese Wine Festival, Limassol, 2019 (2 of 2)

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Hey Tasters! This is the second part of the video from the Peloponnese wine festival. As you recall, I had so much footage I had to make two videos. Enjoy the second half. Welcome to Troupis Winery. Troupis Winery is located in Mantinea, which is in the centre of the Peloponnese. The variety that we […]

?怎样煮红酒面线?? How To Cook Red Wine Mee Sua?

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How to Cook Red Wine Mee Sua

How Do Draught/Draft Beer Systems Work – Beer Taps Explained

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How do draught beer systems work? All modern draught beer systems operate with the same principle: Using a gas, beer is moved from a container, out through the draught tower’s faucet… …where the bartender pours you a cool one. To achieve this, and serve a beer in perfect condition, a couple of components are required. […]

Beer Pong Strategy | Drinking Games

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Almenkerk Wine Estate – Cool Climate Elgin

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Almenkerk is a small family-owned, family run operation. We started out 2004 when we first bought the farm. Planted 15 hectares of the vines and that was the parting shot. In 2009 we made our first wine and that won a gold medal at Concours Mondial in Brussels. From there it’s been a hell of […]

Monolithos Winery Cyprus

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Hey Tasters! I am at a very special winery this week. This is Monolithos. Monolithos has been around for 20 years, but these are the new premises. This is a boutique winery. It is the definition of a boutique winery: small production, very special wines, multi-awarded. And I am here with the owner and the […]

Absinthe | How to Drink

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Hi, I’m Greg and this is how to drink. I’ve never worked in a bar, been a bar back, been a bar apprentice been in… I’ve been in bars, I’ve been in a lot of bars. This is how to drink, a show about making cocktails and drinking them. Let’s get going. Today we’re going […]


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what up DK Gang so today we are back with another freaking video and you know we about to straight ruin our taste buds so, what we did today was eat first because i remember when we did the warhead challenge we did not eat and after that challenge our tongues was f#?ked up (hmm, […]

Spartanburg Science Center hosts Science of Wine

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Red Wine Sediment Can I drink it I Now We Find Out!

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Hello welcome congratulations you found the video. So what we’re going to be covering today on this video is actually Sediment in wine. Have you ever found yourself going to your cellar going to your friend’s house? Even at a restaurant or liquor store. You’ll buy a Bottle of wine and you notice that there’s […]