Best Wine-Dave Matthews The Dreaming Tree Crush Red Blend Review

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Hello and welcome the’s video wine library! Today we’re featuring a special wine review of Crush a Red Blend wine from The Dreaming Tree Vineyards in California and famed owner and musician Dave Matthews. Priced around $15 dollars, Crush was made to be enjoyed on any occasion. It can be found at most supermarkets […]

COUNTRYSIDE CHICKEN WITH WHITE WINE – The best chicken ‘campagnolo’!

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hello my friends, welcome back to the Italian Food Boss! today we are gonna cook countryside chicken with white wine, “pollo alla campagnola con vino Bianco”. What a dish, so tasty! We are gonna need some chicken Maryland, which is the part of the drumstick plus the side, few onions a small carrots, a piece […]

Alcohol use disorder: What you need to know

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For some people, consuming a cold beer after mowing the lawn, enjoying a glass of wine or a mixed drink after supper, or even tossing down a few with friends over the weekend can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. For people with Alcohol Use Disorder, however, drinking becomes excessive and severe, and the results […]

How To Clean A Red Wine Stains

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How to remove red wine from clothes. Hello and welcome to Videojug. Binap, who has worked as a lady’s maid for many years, is going to show us how to remove a red wine stain from a white cotton shirt. The same process can be used for cotton mix or polyester garments. The best way […]

More Cheers to Red Wine’s Health Benefits

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I’m Rachelle Grossman with today’s health news. Do the cool winter months have you savoring a glass or two of red wine? Cheers – another study shows this type of booze may actually help prevent cancer – at least in mice. In this new study, tumors actually shrank in mice that were given compounds found […]

How To Make BEER Vinegar RAW Vinegar

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hey everyone welcome back today we are continuing our adventures in vinegar making and we are going to make beer vinegar this is not the same as malt vinegar sort of the same as Marvin eager but beer as you know or may not know has hops in it and malt vinegar is not made […]

Beer Gardens: The Truth Behind the Myth

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In Bavaria, beer is more than just an alcoholic beverage; it’s a basic food essential for life. And nowhere do the Bavarians enjoy consuming this beverage more than at the beer garden, where it’s often drunk in one liter increments. Prost! Hey everyone! I’m Dana and you’re watching Wanted an Adventure Living Abroad. So what […]

Interesting Facts About Wine

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Fact Fever Interesting facts about wine you’ve never heard before Fact no: 10 Spain is the largest producer of white wine in the world Fact no: 09 Wine tour almost top disneyland Fact no: 08 Wine cork is not for smelling Fact no: 07 There is more than 10.000 varieties of wine grapes in the […]

Napa Valley Wine Train

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Walla Walla Wine Valley

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