Pop Culture

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[Lemon 1] Lemons! [Lemon 2] Fresh-squeezed lemonade for sale! Only 25 cents! [Lemon 1] L E M O N S! [Lemon 3] Lemonade! Come get your lemonade! Just a pinch of pennies for this perfect concoction could be yours! [Lemon 1] LEMONS! [Lemon 1] Lemoooons! defeated [GingerPale] Ew! You got lemons on my car! I’m […]

Alcohol + Potassium permanganate = Explosive reaction!

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hello everyone in this episode I will show you an amazing reaction between ethanol and potassium permanganate for this reaction we need su alcohol concentrated sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate firstly let’s put some potassium permanganate into our operation ball and add several sulfuric acid drops after a while strong oxidizer manganese oxide 7 is […]

Alcoholic Learns What His Addiction has Done to His Body

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join us now with dr. Seuss app sure a gastroenterologist who as you saw examined Mason performed a battery of tests obviously with the way that Mason has abused alcohol that can put a massive strain on so many organs in the human body so Mason I know you’re scared yeah about the damage that […]

What is the Wine Grenade?

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We are really excited about this, we have this simple device that gives all winemakers the ability to make better wine, faster. It’s called the wine grenade. At the moment when you’re maturing wine you really only have two options traditionally you’d use oak barrels which are effective because the porous nature of the oak […]

Drinking Wine Could Help Save Underwater Ecosystems

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BERLIN CRYSTAL KELLY: To me there was always the dream of do really well in finance. And I wrote down my goal is to make money and help the world. I had climbed my way up through a large multinational organization. It was really about the bottom line. My lifestyle was going from my cubicle […]

#MyPlateMyWins for Beverages

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Get healthier by sipping smarter! Small changes to your beverages can add up to big wins. No need to give up… your favorite mocha. Switch to skim and ask for half the syrup. Do this one time and save 9 grams of saturated fat. Do this three times a week for a year and save […]

There Is Alcohol In Space!

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There’s a giant cloud of alcohol out there in space just floating there… teasing us. Is that the only way we’re going to be able to drink in space?! Not… quite… Happy Friday comrades, Trace here for DNews. 6500 light-years away, a giant cloud of alcohol is floating in space. Just… hanging out. Alcohol is […]

Alcohol Effects on the Brain, PATIENT Version, Animation

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Alcohol is generally known as a DEPRESSANT of the central nervous system; it INHIBITS brain activities, causing a range of physiological effects such as impaired body movements and slurred speech. The brain is a complex network of billions of neurons. Neurons can be excitatory or inhibitory. Excitatory neurons stimulate others to respond and transmit electrical […]

The Cast of Wine Country Plays The BFF Game // Presented By Wine Country

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– He was my first boyfriend. I almost don’t want to give this one. – Skip it. – Next. Go. – He doesn’t get BuzzFeed airtime! (squeaking hinge) – OK. Hello. We are the cast of “Wine Country,” and we are going to play BuzzFeed’s BFF Game. We’re gonna see what kind of friends we […]

Taste This: Wine Barrels…Why do they matter?

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[Narrator] Taste This is brought to you by Visit Oakland. (upbeat music) (bell rings) (mellow music) – Today we’re talking barrels, because this is really important in the final taste of the wine. I’m Leslie Sbrocco. Come on and Taste This. (mellow music) – I like to use French and American oak. I use about […]