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oh here we go again so again I’m a little bit hungover for one of these videos I don’t know why I always think it’s such a good idea to film these type of videos after I’ve been to a party or something that’s exactly what I did in the first video of this kind […]

The BEST Alcoholic Drinks While Dieting

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Picture this – Friday night, you just finished dinner, capping out your calories and fitting all your macros in for the day. Satisfied with the immense willpower you showed throughout the week in maintaining your diet, you sit on the couch and prepare to go on a TV marathon binge, but before you can get […]

Save or Splurge: Episode 3 – Wine Fridges

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– Hi there, welcome to our channel, I’m Alyssa, the senior style and planning editor here at The Knot, and you are watching Save or Splurge Registry edition. Today we’re talking about my favorite topic which is wine, and I’m joined by Whitney and Henry, and they are relatively new newly weds, right? – Yeah. […]

The Best Red Wines for Beginners (On the Road from Venice)

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Buona Sera, everyobody, Marc Supsic here… wine and spirits pro, founder of Wine Living. I’m chilling with my beautiful wife, in Venice, Italy! I want to continue with my video series about the best red wines, I figured this would be the best opportunity for me since I’m going to be on the road for […]

Side Effects of Alcohol on Your Body – Tamil Health Tips

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Side Effects of Alcohol on Your Body – Tamil Health Tips All the people who drink alcohol know that when they exceed the limit it will cause head ache. In this video we are going to see which parts of our body gets affects due to drinking alcohol. Acidity can affect your teeth health and […]

Beer Drunk vs. Tequila Drunk: What’s The Difference?

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Ever hear somebody say, “Whiskey makes you frisky?” “Gin makes you sin.” “Wine makes you divine.” “Tequila makes you fight everybody.” Do different liquors really have different effects? Hello! Julian here for DNews from YouTube Space LA. It’s one of those longstanding “facts” everyone knows about alcohol: different liquors make you act differently. Give someone […]

International Soda Taste Test

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– Today we’re soft drinking and hard thinking. – Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning! – Pop, soda, fizzy tickle tonic. No matter what you call it, chances are, the place you’re from has a signature soft drink and whether it’s herbacious, fruititious, or sugaracious, they’re most […]

What Will Happen If You Boil Coke?

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What’s up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is number one priority. And today I’ve got this bubbely drink, soda drinks, you know. It’s very carbonated, very sweet and very tasty. Especially when you’re a kid you love one of these, right? But, lets check out how much sugar is actually in this […]

Why Wine Snobs Are Faking It | Adam Ruins Everything

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(whistling) (upbeat pop music) – Alright ladies, would you like to see our wine list? – That sounds perfect. (thump) (climatic classical music) – Yes, let’s talk about wine. Ha! – There are so many, how am I supposed to choose. – Have you ever noticed that when it’s time to choose a wine none […]

How to make gin, distillation of alcoholic beverages at home

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Hey guys! In this video I’ll show you how to prepare at home an incredible liquor – Gin! For this you need: 1 Litre of 50% alcohol, 17 g of juniper, berries must be navy blue and I’ve slashed’em with rolling pin, then you need 7 g of coriander seeds, 2 and half g of […]