making of strong Green chilli wine malayalam.homemade wine.An awesome wine dont miss…..

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Green chilli Cinnamon and cloves Yeast Sugar 12 ltrs jar Yeast

Drink, Laugh, Play Along || Brew Haha

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– By the way, that’s a whiskey drink that I just pounded for 13 seconds. Yeah, so probably about three minutes into this set I’m just gonna be like, yeah, so (mimics vomiting) ♪ It’s time for Brew-HaHa ♪ ♪ The drinking game comedy show ♪ ♪ Drink when the light flashes ♪ ♪ Brew-HaHa […]

10 Super Drinks to Speed Up Your Metabolism

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10 super drinks to speed up your metabolism If you’re looking for a natural way to lose those extra pounds or detox your body. We have a solution These 10 fantastic drinks [are] doctor recommended and also delicious Each recipe contains a secret ingredient marked by a star that will help you lose weight naturally […]

In The Kitchen: Holiday gatherings with wine, gift baskets and cheese boards

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New! Introducing Agitator Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet & Red Wine

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Juniper And Red Wine Marinated Fillet Of Beef: Back To Basics 2

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Hi, I am Gee Charman, and welcome to my series of back to basic recipes. In this episode, I am going to show you a delicious, marinated fillet of beef in red wine, juniper, and thyme. [music] So I am going to marinate my beef in three of the main flavors that go with in […]

The Muslim Drink

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There’s a drug so popular that you can find it anywhere on Earth. It doesn’t matter your religion, your ethnicity, your class, your gender, you’ll find users. And yet, despite how popular it is, no countries have banned it. Despite how many users it has, there are very few rehab centres. We’ve been using this […]

Milk in Movies: Why Do Characters Drink It?

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What a character chooses to drink says a lot about them. – A martini, shaken, not stirred. If they get a shot of whiskey, they’re cool. If they order a fine chardonnay, they’re probably trying to go for class. But there’s one drink used in cinema that requires a bit of explanation. – I see […]

Beer Steamed Cheeseburger by the BBQ Pit Boys

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We want all the carbonation!!! *Gags* *Spits* *Coughs* Listen to that fizz! 😀 *opens bottle* OOOOOHHH *Dope intro music* Ayo What’s G-G-G-Good? AYOO What’s good, It’s ya boi Wolfie Today I’m gonna be making the world’s Most Fizzy, World’s most carbonated drink So before I even begin, I want you guys to go down and […]