American Craft: What Beer Can Teach Us About Well-Crafted Laws

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You wanna know what freedom tastes like? It tastes like this beer. Craft beer has nuance. It’s often times produced in small batches. It’s recipes that sometimes go way back to even prehistoric times or to the early days of when Scottish immigrants were coming here to this country. So I think one of the […]

Work Reworked: Technology for better beer, now on tap at Deschutes Brewery

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>>I’m Chad Mack from Microsoft, and this is Work Reworked, the show that uncovers the often unexpected ways technology is changing how people work. Today, we’re heading to Bend, Oregon, home of craft beer innovator Deschutes Brewery, or as I like to call it, “Willy Wonka for grown-ups.” Deschutes began in 1988 as a small […]

Alcohol Intake

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♪ [music playing–no dialogue] ♪♪. Hi, my name is Jenny Beyers. I’m a graduate dietetics student from Eastern Illinois University, and for the next few minutes I’m going to be talking to you about alcohol intake. When consuming alcohol, you should do so in moderation. The daily recommended amount of alcohol is one drink a […]

Malunggay Tea Benefits – Weight loss, Diabetes, Side Effects

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Malunggay Tea Benefits are many and some of them are its usage to treat weight loss, diabetes, ulcer, lactation and many more. We would also have a look at some of its top side effects. Malunggay is a very famous tree that grows in tropical countries like India, Africa, and the Philippines. Some of the […]

You Can Homebrew Beer, Its Real Simple

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Sex and Beer (by Pat McCurdy) – OFFICIAL music video

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Saint Paul in his letter to the Ephesians said “It came to me upon a midnight clear.” He said, “I finished writing all of my gospels…” “Now all I seem to want is sex and beer!” Marc Anthony looked down on Caesar’s body. He said, “Friends, Romans, Countrymen: lend me your ears.” “I did not […]

Wine Bottle Night Lamp | Cozy Lamp – DIY

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Hello Friends, Today I am making a night lamp from a Wine Bottle and Cement. I am using MDF board for making mold. Now I am marking the size for mold. I have marked 5 pieces, 4 for sides (5×4) and 1 for the bottom (5×5). Now I am gluing all sides together with the […]

Piemonte Italian Wines : Italian Piemonte Wine Region

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Hi, I’m Mark Middlebrook, I’m here in the Paul Marcus Wines Cantina to talk about in this segment, Piemonte, the region in Italy and the wines that come from that region. Piemonte is in northwest Italy, right up against France, Liguria’s to the south and because of its proximity to France it shares a lot […]

Did You Know – Red Wine May Lower Your Risk for Depression

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Did you know Red Wine may lower your risk for depression? One study in Spain found that two to seven glasses per week lowered risk by 30 percent compared to those who did not drink red wine. But be careful, heavy drinking could lead to serious health problems. Always drink in moderation.

How to make a Strong(er) Ginger Beer (7 – 8%)

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we’re going to make another strong ginger beer this time much more gingery than the last one I made a video of a lot more root ginger in this recipe I’ve got one kilo of pale malt extract a good two handfuls of root ginger and I’m also including some honey here about 410g just […]