5 Times Scientists Gave Animals Drugs (and What They Learned)

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[♪ INTRO] “Scientists get spiders high on weed!” “Watch what happened when a scientist gave this octopus ecstasy!” Over the years, you might have seen some headlines like these. This kind of research makes for great click-bait-ey articles, because it creates a ridiculous picture in our minds, and humans love to watch animals being silly. […]

Blended Wine Facts : Red Meritage Blended Wines

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I’m going to talk about an interesting blended wine, and it’s a wine called Meritage. If you’ve ever heard people say “Meritage”, it’s the same thing. However, I can tell you that the original and proper way to pronounce the term is “Meritage”. A Meritage is a blended wine made in the New World from […]

Making a Wine Bottle Holder Beginner Pottery Wheel Projects #5

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get ready to make a wine bottle holder Hi Marie here welcome to Pottery Crafters you found video number five in our Beginner Pottery Wheel Project Series today you’ll learn how to throw decorate and glaze a wine bottle holder and yes you’ll see the finished piece if you like what you see please like […]

Three Wine Men Event

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Hi, I’m Sam and here at Pingza, we’re launching our wine app next week. We’re doing Palate Profile tests with loads of their consumers they’re getting badges, they can work out what wines they’re most likely to like They can test it out at the festival and in the supermarket and they’re just equipped with […]

Irish People Taste Test Polish Beers

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Don’t they say dziękuję,jak się masz I like. Oh my God very good I am like drink! Oh, my Lordie ‘Tis a smooth beer. You’ve got other people in this video, right? That you could use It’s like bud light. Oh, yeah. That’s exactly what is tastes like, is a bud light in a different […]

?Cosa Regalare a un Wine Lover a Natale? 8 regali che ogni amante del vino vorrebbe ricevere

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Vidéo finale du mod Wine Cooling

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Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink (Chelsea & Lee) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– List all the illicit drugs you’ve tried. – I accidentally did Heroin once. – What? (upbeat orchestral music) – I’m Chelsea. – I’m Lee. – This my dad. – Daughter. – She needs a shot. – You know when you walk in a room and you already regret it? It’s going to be the […]

Do This Before You Drink Water And See the Changes – Sadhguru

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You know in the world we are building medical infrastructure in such a way that today all of us are expecting some day we will all be seriously ill it need not be solved if your liver with not mandazi it need not be so and not just her there many others it need not […]

Wines on Wine – Bold Reds for Winter

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Is there anything more warming than a great glass of red wine? I don’t think so! This December, our Master’s Flight is featuring really wonderful bold red wines for winter, when there’s nothing more warming than a great big glass of red wine. And all four of these wines pair perfectly with a cozy fire […]