Part 2: What happens after you take your first sip of beer?

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When you take your first sip of… Say, beer … it of course ends up in your stomach. What happens next depends a lot on whether you’ve eaten or not. If you have eaten, the alcohol is effectively trapped in your stomach while it works to break up the solid food. Alcohol can be absorbed […]

Man Denies Girlfriend Drinks To Excess: ‘It’s Not Like She Gets Up In The Morning And Starts Drin…

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What To Drink on A Carnivore Diet

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Fluoride DANGEROUS? and why are DENTISTS obsessed with it? EP 05 The Dental Drive

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Delaware County Brothers Arrested For Breaking Into Brookhaven Beer Store

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Groups Rally To End Sale Of 3-2 Beer In Minnesota

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What’s Trending: You will not get the coronavirus by drinking Corona beer

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Microsoft AI + Carlsberg: In Pursuit of Better Beer

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AI unlocks the art of science. When you open a bottle of beer, I don’t think many people actually know the level of science that’s filled into that bottle. Back in time, it took Carlsberg several years to produce a new beer. But using Microsoft Artificial Intelligence, we will be able to detect new flavors […]

Red Winemaking In Burgundy Explained

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Wine making. The practice of fermenting grape juice and turning it into wine has been around for thousands of years But there are many nuances to this process and often different regions will have their own specific processes and methods Wine making has become an intricate and deeply personal process Wine making practices in Burgundy […]

Coronavirus Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, & Vaccine Status

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thanks for joining us for our second video in the corona virus if this is the first video you’re seeing on that please go back to our first video to get the introduction about what exactly is this coronavirus of 2019 they’re calling it as it turns out it was discovered on the last day […]