Quixote Winery, Architecture Art and Wine

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Quixote Winery is a landmark in the Napa Valley due to the unusual design and construction methods. Explore the architecture of Hundertwasser as expressed in the Quixote Winery buildings and landscaping A gold leaf onion dome Exuberant use of ceramic tile Flowing design evoking the work of Gaudi in Barcelona Tall wild grasses increase the […]

Üllo Wine Purifier : How-To Video

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TAEYEON 태연 ‘불티 (Spark)’ MV

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Blow on it hoo hoo Red spark My heart is like you Dangerous as if you’re blazing up Even if I try to gently cover you You don’t blow out What should I do about you? In the small warmth that I thought was only soft What were you hiding? I have so many different […]

생선으로 와인을 만들어줬더니 고양이들이 난리가 났어요

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Wow… It’s just perfect! HAAP! DD: Woong! Are you excited? I thought you were following me. What are you doing there, kitties? Come here. (Laughing) Go groom that bro too. (Laughing) You are a genius! Let’s go. Follow me. Stop grooming him. Come here, kitty. Hold on. Come out! Geez… You’re messing up here! Momo: […]

IT’S ABOUT TO GET VIBRANT! | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Mystery Art Supplies | Alcohol Inks

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Today I have another Paletteful Packs unboxing for you So let’s just get right into it and find out what’s inside and then hopefully make something cool with it. ♪ Sorry, [Laughs] I just really like this color, Let’s find out what we have in here, let’s see [Tapping] These looks like they are Marabu […]

Alcohol on plane – when and how much can we drink? | AeroVlog [ENG+SUBS]

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Many of us, in order to relax a bit before flight, like to have a sip or two of our favourite spirit. But before we decide to drink alcohol during our journey, it is good to know some facts about availability and consumption of alcoholic beverages on board of aeroplanes. That will be the topic […]

9 Beauty Products Made with WINE?! (Beauty Break)

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– I swear I’m not drunk. Open your eyes. – I can’t. – We look like foot mimes. – Ooooh. – So good. ( dramatic inhaling) – Who has time for this? (upbeat music) – You guys welcome back to Beauty Break, Today Lauren Pall is joining us. – I am honored to be here […]

Feid, Farruko, El Alfa – badwine (Extended Remix) ft. Lenny Tavárez

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Alcohol, Alcoholism and Inhalants

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Hello and welcome to our lecture number five in the series on alcohol, alcoholism, and inhalants. Today we’re going to talk, obviously, about alcohol and its pharmacokinetic properties and its pharmacodynamic properties, spend a little time talking about alcoholism, a very brief time talking about inhalants. Inhalants are volatile liquids just like alcohol so that’s […]

How Mixologists Pour Alcohol

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