How red wine helps protect against dementia

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It’s a pleasant day here in New Jersey, and I’m taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to sit outside and enjoy and a glass of red wine. It makes me wonder why I don’t do this more often, or why anybody concerned about brain health doesn’t do this more often. A little bit of […]

Women Learn How To Chug Beer • Ladylike

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– Chugging is basically breathing, it’s just yoga. – Yeah, it is. – We’re doing yoga! – This is a master class. – This is beer yoga. – This is therapy. (upbeat music) – Summer’s here, – And what’s summer without drinking games? – [Voiceover] A boring summer! – None of us really know how […]

K/DA – POP/STARS (ft. Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Music Video – League of Legends

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You know who it is Coming ’round again You want a dose of this Right now It’s K/DA uh! I’m a goddess with a blade 소리쳐봐 내 이름 잊지 못하게 Loud loud loud loud I could take it to the top 절대 멈추지 못해 내가 끝내주는 Bad gal gal gal And when I start to […]

Why Do I Get Headaches from Wine?

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hi everyone I’m Jacky Blisson. Welcome to my wine series. People are always asking me why white wine or why red wine gives them headaches. They almost always have a theory about it and that theory is often wrong! So I’m here to debunk a few myths and give you a couple facts to help […]

My Girlfriend & My Ex Play Truth or Drink (Saveara & Emily) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Do you think my boyfriend’s penis is larger or smaller than average? – Um (laughs). – It’s okay, I talk shit about him all the time. (audience laughing) – I’m Emily, Saveara is dating my ex-boyfriend. – His name is Joey, he’s sitting on the casting couch over there. I think this is the […]

How To Tell The Quality Of A Burgundy Wine

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It’s no exaggeration to say that Burgundy produces some of the most expensive and indeed rarest wines in the world, but what makes this land so special? With 84 total appellations and hundreds of different vineyards, its sometimes difficult to know exactly where to find the best wines. Fascinatingly, the regions large number of appellations […]

The Meaning of the Bread and Wine

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We did it. We made it. It’s Day 5. And throughout this week we’ve been hanging out with Jesus in that upper room as he’s been setting everything up to give us this New Testament Lord’s Supper. Something we call communion. We’ve checked out the disciples. They’re in-fighting, they’re feuding. We’ve hung out with Jesus, […]

Mastering Wine: What are Tannins in Wine?

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Hey everybody, I am your host Jacky Blisson. Thanks for joining me. Today we are going to be talking about tannins. What are they and why do wine geeks love them so much? So today, it is all about tannins. You might have noticed that I am drinking tea instead of my usual glass of […]

Through the Grapevine: How to Make Red Wine

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[music] So when the grapes come to Purdue we generally bring them right to the cooler which that’s set at about 26 degrees Fahrenheit. We bring the grapes out of the cooler by variety and we dump them into the disstemmer/crusher. What it does is it knocks the berries off of the stem and then […]

The Real Reason Why You Should NOT Drink Alcohol While Taking Antibiotics

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