Remove Red Wine Stains, MAN VS. PIN #3

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Hey, what’s up everybody? I’m Rob and you’re watching Man vs Pin. The show where I find something awesome on Pinterest and put it to the test. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Today I saw this pin – Remove red wine stains using white wine. Seems like a miracle, sounds like *BS* to me. […]

Carlton Dry – Most Wonderful Time For A Beer

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it’s the most wonderful time for a beer when your guests come along and you hear that ding dong oh you should have run Clear is wonderful time for a beer it’s the best busiest season of all with those workplace get-ups and the random hookups we all choose to ignore it’s the biz-busiest season […]

Beer Brats by the BBQ Pit Boys

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Couples Play Truth or Drink (Craig & Lexi vs. Dominick & Spe’shell) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex? Everybody else answer but me. – In a haunted bar. – So wait, you were getting spooky dick? – So we were getting spooky dick. (soft classical music) Truth or drink! (all cheering) – I’m Dominick. – Shell. We’ve been together for about a year and a […]


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[Gurgling….] – Shut Up! – Are you tired of pouring your on water? Are you tired of drinking the same water poor people drink? Well worry no more with our amazing new product: Bottled Water! Why get your water for practicly free from your fosson? When you can pay up to the 5 dollars a […]

A Guide to Red Wine : Types of Red Wine: Shiraz from McLaren Valley

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Hello, my name is Mihaly Faback, and I’m are here on behalf Expert Village. I would like to introduce for you a beautiful red wine from Australia. This red wine is made from the Shiraz grape variety and is was grown in McLaren Valley, vintage year was 1998 which is a very good vintage year. […]

Drinking Red Wine For Health And Beauty | Health Benefits Of Red Wine || Health Tips

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Drinking Red Wine For Health And Beauty

Wine Folly’s Book! What’s in it? ?? A Review… (The Master Guide Magnum Edition)

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It’s gonna tell you, British Columbia, Moldova, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Australia, Ukraine, United States, Monterrey, Sonoma, Mendocino, Columbia Gorge, all of those grow great Gewurztraminer. But where do you go if you want to experience the essence of Gewurztraminer? What is it guys? I’m Julien… The French winemaking guy who makes wine videos, here on […]

Blind Dates Play Truth or Drink (Mariah & Bianca) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Where is the craziest place you’ve hooked up with someone? – On a beach with fucking sand crabs. – You guys got crabs? – No! I’m Mariah. – I’m Bianca – Life is short. (laughing) Oh. – Hi. – Hi. – How’s it going? – Good. How old are you? – 34. – I’m […]

Tony From Truth or Drink Exes | #TBT | Cut

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– Yeah. I’m not gonna cry, Blaine. You’re not gonna… – Oh, sorry! You’re not gonna get me to cry. (jazzy cadence ) My name is Tony and I am a freelance worker in film video production. I believe the first thing that I got involved with was being the art director on Would You […]