WINE TV: The official presentation of the new ”Cloe Marie Kottakhs Underwater Champagne -52”

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all friends of wine tv fantastic location portino jamin thing JAMIN means flapping in Genoese and here Jamin he will explain to us in advance what happens because here a wine is presented here tonight you’ve never heard of 100 percent pinot noir vineyards of the Aube 24 months on agriculture yeasts sustainable and this […]

Making Liquid Nitrogen From Scratch!

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Nitrogen is everywhere. It’s a fundamental building block of life. It makes up 78% of the atmosphere, AND it’s in these tiny micro bubbles, in my Starbucks ‘Nitro-Cold Brew.’ And yes, this episode is sponsored by Starbucks. They challenged me to liquify nitrogen out of the air, and that’s what I’m gonna be doing in […]

Jamu Temulawak Kunyit | Minuman #098

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Both curcuma and turmeric have a similar form and benefits, Such as relieve a digestion problem, cancer resist, and retain liver function Curcuma Turmeric Reed Water Peel the curcuma skin Roast the curcuma Peel the turmeric skin Roast the turmeric Turmeric Curcuma Mash until smooth Bruise the reed Chop Wait until it is boiling Don’t […]

Acidity and Basicity of Alcohols

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Leah here from and in this video we’re going to look at the acidity and basicity of alcohols for the entire alcohol video series, visit my website Alcohols are amphiprotic where amphi tells us it can go two A’s and protic is referring to it’s proton ability, if a molecule is amphiprotic, it […]

Cherry Healey – old before my time – Alcohol

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Norske tekstar: Signe Bergvoll Alle veit at alkohol, dop og snøggmat er usunt … Skinnet er best. Men unge britar elskar å feste. -Trur du at du er uovervinneleg? -Ja. Ein lever berre ein gong. -Det er ikkje bra for helsa, men … -Det får vi uroe oss over seinare. Kvifor bekymre seg for noko […]

Wine Marketing & Wine Management Certifications from Linfield College

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Are you considering a career in the wine industry or are you currently a winery employee looking for advancement? Take the next step toward your dream career with a certificate in wine marketing or wine management from Linfield College. Both fully online programs will give you a solid foundation on all aspects of wine production […]


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Have you ever really looked at a wine label? I mean, beyond the picture of a stately Château, or the cheeky hippo? You would be amazed by how much you can learn if you just take a minute to peruse the label. Hi everyone. I am Jacky Blisson and today we are going to learn […]

#adegga52 Herdade do Rocim Crónica #328

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é o laço de ouro errado sim trago aqui 1 500 1 28 que é um pra nós um projeto especial é o nosso timing e se lançava é um vindo na gem ou crônica 328 é uma homenagem ao fundador do nosso projeto o engenheiro chefe era um homem muito ligado em diferentes áreas […]

Side Effects of The Pill | Birth Control

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Birth control pills are an effective form of contraception. They usually come in a round pack or a rectangular pack, and it’s up to you, the user, to make sure that you take the pills on a consistent basis in order for them to be effective. Unfortunately, all forms of birth control have side effects, […]

Recall Issued for Thyroid Medication

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Some health moves to warn you about tonight. Certain batches of hypothyroid medicine are being recalled after being made with ingredients not sourced to proper FDA standards. Medications are recalled by manufacturer Westminster Pharmaceutical. Medicine in question contains a combination of synthetic thyroid hormones used when a person’s thyroid gland is no longer functioning properly. […]