Engaged Couples Play Truth or Drink | Trent & Leisha | Cut

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– Almost six years, we’re going to get married on our six year anniversary. – We’ve been engaged for a little over a year. – Oh, sorry, wrong question. (laughing) (“Eine kleine Nachtmusik” by Mozart) – My name is Trent. – I’m Leisha. – And we met in glee club at college at Western. (glasses […]

Blind Dates Play Truth or Drink (Andrew & Megan) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Which one of us do you think is more attractive? Why is, no! – I’ll just take a shot. – She thinks she’s more attractive. – I’m Megan, hi. – Hi I’m Andrew. – [Mediator 1] Are you guys excited to see each other? – Yeah, very much so. – [Mediator 1] Alright let’s […]

Easy Beer Can Chicken

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– Today I’m gonna show you how to win your Labor Day with this easy to make beer can chicken. Here are the things you need: Step one is setting up your grill. Now light that charcoal on fire. While your charcoal’s burning down, it’s time to prepare your bird. Remove the innards. Now it’s […]

Hailey Baldwin Shares Her Life Hack for Opening Beer Bottles

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drinking green tea to lose weight or gain weight??? / #গ্রীণটি#সাস্থযত্ন #ওজনকমানো

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Alcohol & College Life: One-credit. Online

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[music playing] Hi, I’m Nolan. And I’m Liz. Are you looking for an extra credit this semester? Then, why not check out Alcohol & College Life! Alcohol & College Life is a one-credit, completely online course that helps you survive and thrive during your first few years of college. That’s right. And Alcohol & College […]

Artist Interview—Oliver Beer: Vessel Orchestra | Met Exhibitions

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♫ Music Plays ♫ My name is Oliver Beer, and I’m an artist from England. This exhibition is called Vessel Orchestra. It’s a selection of thirty-two pieces from The Met’s collection, which I’ve organized not for their aesthetic and cultural quality, but for their acoustic quality. Every empty space—whether it be a room or a […]

Questioning Old Beer Habits – part 4

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Hi, my name is Mirella and I’m a craft beer and sensory consultant in Toronto. Welcome to my list of four things I think we should let go of as an industry. Today, we’re diving into the last one, number four: bread or crackers on the table during beer tasting and judging sessions. Like most […]


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Clonidine. Clonidine is a high-yield topic. We give it a four out of five on our yield scale. It’s also called “Catapres,” which is the common brandname. It is a Alpha 2 agonist. So, let’s remind ourselves what the normal physiology is first. So, these vessicles, filled with neurotransmitter, fuse with the membrane and spill […]

Creatine and Caffeine – A BAD Mix?

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Caffeine and creatine are perhaps the two most effective natural supplements any lifter can take outside of protein powder. Caffeine, a strong stimulant that improves muscular endurance and strength output. And creatine, the substance tied directly to the ATP-PCr system, providing a quick energy source that can help you crank out a few more reps […]