How to Pronounce Gaja? Italian Wine pronunciation

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Gaja is the name of one of the most famous of all Italian wine producers Gaja. Gaja, from Italy. Note that it is certainly not pronounced Gaja but rather simply GAIA. GAJA. I hope this video was useful if it was give it a quick thumb up before you go to support my work and […]

A Bunch of Brits Brewing Beer in Barrels: Fortnight Brewing | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

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– [Julia] There are a bunch of Brits brewed here in barrels and tanks, in about a fortnight, at a brewery in Cary. A fortnight is 14 nights, two weeks. That’s the time it takes to brew a basic beer and it’s a team effort. – My name’s Stuart, I am the founder of Fortnight […]

BEST TIPS for Labeling Craft Beer Bottles and Cans

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Hi I’m Gregg with Consolidated Label here today to talk about craft beer and how you can create a packaging look that catches the eye on store shelves. Craft beer has shaken up the beer market, but that growing popularity also means far more competition. While design is clearly important, the choice of materials makes […]

Chateau Fougas – cora Wine

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Icon Cellars: Wine Tasting Shuttle Partner

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…it offers a unique experience for people in the sense that very few tasting rooms will give you a cellar experience. [Upbeat Jazz music plays] When you come to Icon Cellars it’s going to be a unique experience, different than you’ve had at other tasting rooms because of the ambiance, because the music, because of […]

August von Mackensen in WW2, Stolen Wine, and America – WW2 – Out of the Foxholes 007

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I’m Indy Neidell and this is Out of The Foxholes, where I sit here in the Chair of Infinite Knowledge and answer all your questions about the second world war. Jakob Reinholdsson asks- Was there a short supply of French and Italian wines for the allies during the war? Um… yeah! After June 1940, the […]

Wine pours out of taps for residents in Italy

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【BIG EATER】Chicken stewed in red wine ! w/ ginger rice about 2.5kg! 【MUKBANG】【RussianSato】

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Once hungry~ monster ~(≧▽≦)~ Hi everyone, this is Russian Sato This is on market this month, isn’t it? Beaujolais I have a big appetite, but speaking of holding liquor, I am as same as common people, or even worse If there’s leftover, it’s a waste Today, I am using this red wine to make steamed […]

Big Bang Evidence: Frozen Higgs, Frozen Beer, and Gravity Waves | Lawrence Krauss

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Our picture of the earliest moments of the universe has been evolving, and I’m happy to say, in some sense has more empirical support than it did before. The discovery of the Higgs field implies that you can get fields that freeze in empty space. And that’s a central part of what we think happened […]

Shared with me || I committed to this drink for only two days and lost 5 kilos of weight in 7 days

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Water Lemon Cucumber Carrots Fresh ginger Mint dry Or fresh mint Mix it well Soak the ingredients for 6 hours Separate the impurities from the mixture Drink 1 cup before each meal