Exploring Idaho: Marsing wine tour

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Idaho Wine Country Is A *Real* Thing

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So I’m an Idaho, and all of these things around me are processing wine — because Idaho makes wine! And some really good wine. With me at the winery are Molly Yeh of my name is yeh and Matt and Beau of Probably This. So let’s find out more… Idaho’s a beautiful state and we […]

Lisinopril: Precautions for Use

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Hello and welcome to “VideoScript”, presented by Drugs.com. today in the final of three presentations we continue reviewing lisinopril a common medication used for high blood pressure and heart failure We will review some precautions that are important for the use of lisinopril lisinopril may increase your potassium blood levels potassium supplements potassium sparing diuretics […]

Lino Linares, DO – Can I drink alcohol if I take anti-anxiety medicine?

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It’s best not to use alcohol when taking anti-anxiety medications. The benzodiazepines work in your brain in a very similar fashion as alcohol does. They work on the GABA neurotransmitters, the chloride receptor channels. So when you combine benzodiazepines like Xanax, Valium and Klonopin with alcohol, it has a synergistic effect. So it magnifies the […]

8 Positive Health Changes When You Give up Soft Drinks – Canada 365

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8 Positive Health Changes When You Give up Soft Drinks Drinking sugary soft drinks is an unhealthy habit. With the passage of time, it causes a very negative impact on your body. However, despite what hundreds of warnings have said about drinking soda, millions of people still prefer it over water and natural drinks. This […]

Gross Soda Challenge

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Welcome back to another episode of Ethan & Hila. Today, we are just going to kick back and drink a couple of sodie pops! Hila: And I thought you were a little bit too obsessed with sodie pops. You kind of like it a little too much. I’m not sure about that whole thing. Ethan: […]

TWB is Live! Royal Caribbean’s New Carry-On Beverage Policy Be Careful!

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okay all right we’re on the air okay I can I’m like can I see way over there without my glasses oh my gosh how you doing everybody hates Brewster hey hey it’s Bruce here how you guys had a second that reduced my boy you know how’s it gone out there traveling with Bruce […]

ISP investigates Coeur d’Alene business for trafficking unlawful alcoholic beverages

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WHAT’S UP YOUTUBE? Today we are going to try some more weird soda’s. Whoo, so let’s try some weird soda’s. So let’s go down the list and see what we have in store for us today. Butter soda Dirt soda AHAHA Birthday cake soda, that sounds good. Burros Churros soda Burros Churros soda AHEUH And […]

How to Make Electric Machine with 5 Different Drinks// no Button

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