The Knockout Beer Bong Commercial

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The bong has evolved. Introducing The Knockout. It’s a bottle top attachment that instantly turns any bottle into a beer bong, water bong or gravity bong. Just seal the knockout onto any bottle and you can chug smoothly without spilling a drop It works by letting air flow into the bottle through the stainless steel […]

How Many Beers to Reach .08% BAC? | Light Beer vs. IPA

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(tab popping) (pouring) What beer am I drinking? I’m not allowed to say on camera, but it rhymes with Smoors Smite. (upbeat music) I’m Kevin, and I get better at calling my dad about all the baseball games he missed when I have a few of these in me. I’m Patrick, and I get better […]

Blaine & Madison | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Okay Shabbach. (glasses clink) (retching) – Don’t do that cause then you’ll make me throw up. – Oh shit it’s starting. – Any sort of gagging makes me. (gagging) – Don’t. – Hi I’m Blaine. – I’m Madison. He’s a producer, are you a producer? Oh he’s the director. – Rock, paper, scissors, go. […]

Friends with Benefits Play Truth or Drink (Madison & Mikayla) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– I’m not ready. – Oh, this is the next question? (laughs) Can I rip this one up? – No! (laughs) My name is Madison. – And my name is Mikayla. – Mikayla and I were best friend in ninth grade. – Then we dated the same guy. – And then we fell out of […]

Americans Taste Test Mexican Beer

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(speaks Spanish) (Latin guitar music) (upbeat Latin music) – [Voiceover] If you’re on the beach, this is what you want. You don’t any of that Bud Light shit. – Um, it doesn’t really taste like anything, which I sort of enjoy. – Oh! That’s okay. – It tastes like a penny. – The entire flavor […]

Americans Try Iconic Australian Beer

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– I feel like Australian beer should give you like the actual hair on your chest, cause it’s supposed to be like ‘stralia beer. (upbeat music) – So Coopers. – Alright, cheers. – It has quite a bit of head though. – It’s like classy. – Yeah. This is like classy cheap beer. – Hints […]

A Man Drank 2 Liters Moonshine In 2 Hours. This Is What Happened To His Eyes.

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A man drank two liters of moonshine in two hours. This is what happened to his eyes. “CS” is a 31 year old man presenting to the emergency room with body pain, nausea, and blurred vision. He tells the admitting nurse that he slept poorly the previous night, and suffered severe abdominal cramps before seeing […]

Which is the Best Spanish Beer? Blind Tasting!

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What’s the difference between Lager and Pilsner beer?

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Hey guys, it’s Christian from Frank About Beer. And one question we get quite a bit is what’s the difference between lagers and pilsners? And, to be honest, they’re very similar in many respects. So if you think of beers in general, there are two essential types: you have ales and lagers. And 95% of […]

My Rich Elite Friend and I Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– How was our upbringings different? – How? Well, the fact that you said was rather than were. How was our upbringings different? You fucking mong. (“Serenade No.13 in G Major” by Amadeus Mozart) Hello. I’m the Honorable Tom Horton and I live in the Tower of London. – And I’m Elliot Stool and I […]