Best Southern Sodas — Bless Your Rank

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– My name is Matt, welcome to Bless Your Rank, and today we are ranking southern sodas, or cokes, depending on what part of the south you’re from. Which one can get me the closest to diabetes as possible? That’s what we’re looking at today. (country music) (punching) Just to clarify, today’s competition is not […]

Pour Spouts: Two Money-Saving Tips for Your Beverage Program

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Hello, everyone, it’s Dave from Barmetrix and The Bar Shift again and today we’re here to talk about POUR SPOUTS. this is my version of an infinity gauntlet! So here’s the deal, real quick: Standardize your pour spouts. I got all four of these from one venue! No Bueno! The second thing is: You gotta […]

Alcohol Good Or Bad For Your Health?

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Is alcohol good if you can have some then how much can you have are they healthy is it a no no? I’ll explain coming right up Hey I’m doctor Ekberg with Wellness For Life and if you’d like to truly master health by understanding how the body really works make sure you subscribe and […]

Does Alcohol Really Burn Off When Cooked?

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How much alcohol is left in your food after you cook with it? Short answer: Almost all of it, or almost none of it, depending on how you cook it. Let us to the science building, and consult with my colleague Dr. Garland Crawford, chemistry professor at Mercer University. “According to the literature, depending on […]

Femi & Joey: A Wine Story

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This is Femi. He’s a sommelier. This is Joey. He’s a grape farmer. They come from very different places, but they both really love wine. So we sent them on a trip to the vineyards in the mountains of Virginia, to see if two strangers could bond over something they love. So did it work? […]

Slow Wine – Dancehall instrumental 2018 | Guitar Riddim/Beat

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Self Freezing Coca-Cola (The trick that works on any soda!)

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With this one simple trick, you’ll be able to take any bottle of soda, and pour out an instant slushy on command. Now if you don’t believe what you’re seeing, that’s ok, but it is real, and in this project you’ll discover the insanely easy secret to making an instant soda slushy. For this project, […]

Behind the Wine Bottle – Mike and Tim

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I started back in 1996. I had an interest in wine, and went to Thornton Winery and asked John McPherson who was the winemaker at a time if I could just volunteer for harvest, and I worked for free for actually two harvests. ’96 and ’97. Learned everything I could and that experience was invaluable. […]

What If You Stopped Eating?

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Food is a favorite pastime for many which is convenient because we needed to live but what would happen to you in your body if you were to completely stop eating food right now in the first six hours all is fairly normal your body begins to break down glycogen which stores energy in your […]

30 Days No Alcohol: Facing Social Pressure

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Sup’ you guys? So, I decided to go the month of May without any alcohol. Honestly of all the challenges that I’ve undertaken so far this year this was by far the easiest. It wasn’t so much to do something difficult. I think for me it was much more about facing social pressure and exploring […]