Luke Combs Performs “Beer Never Broke My Heart” | 2019 CMT Music Awards

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♪ I’ve had a largemouth bass bust my line ♪ ♪ A couple beautiful girls tell me goodbye ♪ ♪ Trucks breakdown♪ ♪ Dogs run off ♪ ♪ Politicians lie ♪ ♪ Been fired by the boss ♪ ♪ It takes one hand ♪ ♪ To count the things I can count on ♪ ♪ […]


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9 Original Tricks To Open A Beer Bottle

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How to Prepare Christmas Wine (non-alcoholic) ? – Christmas Special

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These are the times, MO… Yes. Alcoholic wine became non-alcoholic. Hello, everyone, hello, MO! Hello! On this episode we are preparing a non-alcoholic hot wine. What spices do we have here, MO? Orange peel, raisins, cinnamon stick, ginger, cardamom, cloves, allspice. Mhm. Was I wrong? No. There is a precise recipe in the link in […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Red Wine You didn’t Know

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10 Amazing Benefits of Red Wine You didn’t Know Drinking a glass of red wine a day can do a lot for your health. But remember, everything should be in balance and moderation. A daily glass of this natural and delicious elixir complements your food and can significantly improve your well-being. In today’s article, we’ll […]

Top Things to do in Malmö, Sweden! – Beer Garden, Disgusting Food Museum, Food Market and More!

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Down the hatch Tastes like garlic feet -Good morning adventurers -Good morning! from a windy day here in Malmo, Sweden It’s so windy Yeah, we found like the one corner that wasn’t a wind tunnel like everywhere else in the city right now But other than that, it’s a lovely day the Sun is mostly […]

Is Beer Giving You Man Boobs?

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Mmm, IPAs. That bold, flavorful beer style that picks you up, calms you down, and gives you moobs. Wait, what? Hello everyone, Julian here for DNews. In the not too distant past, IPAs were all but unheard of. Suddenly within the last 5 years though, they’ve been revived in a major way by craft beer […]

BEST SHOT RECIPES vol. 1 – Drinking Shooters for 100k subs!!

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Cheese Tea Is China’s Latest Drink Sensation

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(dance rock music) (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] Waiting over an hour for tea sounds ridiculous, shocking even, but this isn’t your every day tea. What they’re waiting for is cheese tea. (elegant string music) (speaking foreign language) – [Narrator] Cheese tea is exactly what it sounds like: tea topped with cheese. (speaking foreign language) […]

Red Wine 101, Halifax

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ANNOUNCER: Here’s Victoria and Anthony with an AMI This Week short cut. [music playing] ANTHONY MCLACHLAN: And now, speaking of rest and relaxation, Victoria, for many, including myself, a glass of wine is one of life’s little pleasures. VICTORIA NOLAN: Ah, well, for a connoisseur like you, you’ll enjoy this next segment. It’s the latest […]