Best Friends Go on a Double Blind Date | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Show me, on the invisible doll, where the g-spot is. – You stick it in there. – In where, in where? – In the vagina. – Be specific. – Thank you. (laughing) – And then you kinda scrub it. Not scrub it but– – Scrub it? – Scrub it? (upbeat orchestra music) – [Interviewer] […]

What’s The Best Drinking Game? • Barguments, Ep. 1

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– Hi (laughing) (upbeat music) So I spend most of my time sitting in between these two sleeve-less wonders. The other day they got in a fight about whether beer pong or flip cup was better. I don’t care, so I’m the moderator. But these guys are gonna have it out to decide what’s a […]

Spicer: How Warren’s wine-cave attack on Buttigieg helps Trump

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Champagne Cocktail | How to Drink

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– This is How to Drink, the show about making cocktails and how to drink them. I’m Greg, and, I have never been professional bartender, I’ve never even had a job in a bar. I don’t worry too much about precision and technique, ’cause at the end of the day, if the drink you like […]

Truth or Drink Engaged Couples | Solo (Marcos & Danny) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– What is your honest opinion about my family? – Oh god. (laughs) I love them. They’re a little too much. I love you guys. – Who? – Who? – Who is too much? – I love them. They’re amazing. (classical music) My name is Marcos. – My name is Danny. And we are fiances. […]

Siblings (Adrian & Nathan) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– What do you really think of my current partner(s)? – I’m gonna keep that to myself. The people that I see come and go. (both chuckle) No ma’am, that is not me. (instrumental music) – I’m Adrian. – I’m Nathan. – And we’re brothers. We were both adopted when we were four. – Just […]

What if we Drink too much Water? | #aumsum

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It’s AumSum Time. What if we Drink too much Water? Water is super Cool. Drink as much as you wish. Wrong AumSum. Drinking too much water is not the problem. But drinking too much water in a short span of time is. If we drink water beyond the processing capability of our kidneys. Then they […]

Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Oh my god, please take a shot. Have you ever had a threesome and would you? – I have had a threesome. It was filthy. – I need a fucking shot, I need a fucking shot. (“The Marriage of Figaro” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) – I’m Angelina and he is my dad. – Geno. […]

My Boss & I Play Truth or Drink (David & Kat) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– What’s the closest you’ve come to flirting Oh! – Flirting? – I read that wrong. (upbeat classical music) – Hello. (laughter) – Sorry. – You alright? My name’s David. – I’m Kat. – I am Kat’s manager and we work at a healthcare agency. Cheers. – Cheers. (chuckling) (laughs) – If we didn’t work […]

Luke Combs Performs “Beer Never Broke My Heart” | 2019 CMT Music Awards

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♪ I’ve had a largemouth bass bust my line ♪ ♪ A couple beautiful girls tell me goodbye ♪ ♪ Trucks breakdown♪ ♪ Dogs run off ♪ ♪ Politicians lie ♪ ♪ Been fired by the boss ♪ ♪ It takes one hand ♪ ♪ To count the things I can count on ♪ ♪ […]