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What’s up everybody, Rob here. You’re watching man VS. Whatever? Man VS The- The Fryer? Man VS The Unknown is more like it, because we are dipping into some uncharted territory here. If you were around a couple weeks ago, You saw that we did deep-fried water. It was a goddamn miracle, and it happened […]

What Do You Want To Drink? Song for Kids | Food Song | Learn English Kids

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Hello. My name is Matt. What’s your name? It’s great to see you. I’m thirsty. Tunes, you scared me. Matt, are you thirsty. Yes. Watch this! Wow! What do you want to drink? I want some lemonade. Magic! Cool! Dream English Kids water orange juice milk lemonade tea apple juice What do you want to […]

Seeb – Drink About (Lyrics / Lyric Video) ft. Dagny

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I just want anybody but you Fuck I want anybody else but you No more waking up in your room No more waking up in your room Fuck I want anybody else but you Fuck I want anybody else but you No more waking up in your room No more waking up in your room […]

Brits Try Gross Red Wine Cocktails

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Double Blind Date (Bernard, Brendan, Megan, & Pauline) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Are you guys expecting to get laid tonight? – I mean, I think to expect that would be a bit much, but are we open to it? I think that’s– (Pauline yells) It’s a… (laughs) (claps hands) (dramatic classical music) – [Cameraman] Hello. – Hello. – Hi. – Hello. – [Cameraman] Will you introduce […]

Monster Reign Energy Drink VS Bang Energy Drink; Monster Reign Product Review

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Hey everybody, Caffeine Man here. And today we’re going over Monster Reign versus Bang energy drink….. yep. INTRO: C *THUD* M *THUD* *Lightning Strike!* Hey everybody, Caffeine Man, here thanks again for joining me, I’m very excited to be going over this video today I mean, I’m so excited it’s not even Tuesday yet! This […]

How To Brew Beer At Home – Basics, Tips, & Mistakes To Avoid !

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Hello and Welcome to The Kaizen Projekt I am the Kaizen Man I am very excited about today’s episode, we’re going to learn the ABC’s of craft brewing. And how you can brew delicious beer right at home. Microbrews have been all the rage for the past few years and they’ve been popping up everywhere. […]

James Barker Band – There’s A Drink For That

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How to Play Korean Drinking Games

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It’s time for WONDERFUL ADVENTURE NOW KOREA The Drinking Game Edition! I’m not really sure what else we need to say here we’re going to teach you how to drink. Well, no. Korean style. With games. Yes, Korean style is the key. I’m sure you guys have seen a lot of Korean Dramas. And they […]

Singaporeans Try: Drinking ONLY Water For A Month

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In collaboration with Hydroflux, we’re going to be drinking only water for 1 month. Hello. Hi! What is your favourite drink? Teh Peng. Iced Milo. Iced Milo! Milo Peng. Teh O Peng. Orange juice. Apple juice. Green tea. Wah! You got a lot sia. Do you guys like drinking water? No! It’s ok. I’m ok […]