How To Brew Beer At Home – Basics, Tips, & Mistakes To Avoid !

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Hello and Welcome to The Kaizen Projekt I am the Kaizen Man I am very excited about today’s episode, we’re going to learn the ABC’s of craft brewing. And how you can brew delicious beer right at home. Microbrews have been all the rage for the past few years and they’ve been popping up everywhere. […]

When is water safe to drink? – Mia Nacamulli

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Take a look at the water in this glass. Refreshing, hydrating, and invaluable to your survival. Before you take a sip, though, how do you know that the water inside is free from disease-causing organisms and pollutants? One out of ten people in the world can’t actually be sure that their water is clean and […]

Blind Dates Play Truth or Drink (Cyprus & Josselyn) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– (laughs) Can you show me your Tinder, Grindr, Bumble profile right now? – I’ll show you everything. – Lemme see. Ooh! – (laughs) – I don’t wanna read this out loud! (laughs) – Wait, wait, wait, wait! – (laughs) No! Hi! – Wassup? – My name is Josselyn. – Hello, my name is Cyprus. […]

Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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What is your favourite sexual position? – Doggy. – Oh, God! I’ll go first. ‘Scuse me. I’m David and I am her son. My name’s Lyn, and this is my son, Tyler. – I’m really nervous for this. – I have a feeling… – [OFFSCREEN] Do you wanna take half a shot? – I’m probably… […]

天然新鮮鳳梨釀好酒 Homemade Pineapple Wine

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Demerara Raw Cane Sugar Honey Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 7 Day 30 Demerara Raw Cane Sugar Pineapple Day 40 Day 90


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how to chill wine fast in this video I’ll be showing you the four ways of chilling wine fast and you want to stick around to the end because I’ll share with you my secret ninja trick for chilling a bottle of wine in under 4 minutes I’ll give you a clue number 1 a […]

People Drink Beer From “The Beer Belly”

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– What if I told you that there was a flask you can put on your belly. You heard me. Apparently there’s a product called The Beer Belly and we’re gonna go around the office to try it out. Let’s go. – [Host] Hey Garrett, – Oh, hey Kevin. – [Kevin] Do you want to […]

Best Friends Play Truth or Drink (Celene & Jessica) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Oh man, what?! Have you ever had a sex dream about me? If so, what happened? You know I’m sorry to say I haven’t had a sex dream about you I’ve had a lot of sex dreams about John Lithgow for some reason My name is Jessica I’m Celene We’re best friends Finish this line […]

Doritos Monster Energy Drink

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Doritos! Monster Energy drink! Doritos! (sips) Mmm! Doritos! Monster Energy drink! Monster Energy drink! Doritos! Monster Energy drink! (opens bag, crunch) (sips) (crinkles) (opens can) Mmm! Monster Energy drink! Doritos! (crunch) (sips) Monster Energy drink! Doritos!

How to Make Sangria | Easy, Fruity, Wine Cocktail

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The perfect brew to put you in the holiday mood, Sangria is fruity, light and super easy to make! You don’t need crazy tools or any bartending skills to make this fresh, fruity and fabulous drink. Red wine Sangria is festive and fun, a perfect party punch to pair with a drunken brunch. Start by […]