Wine Sense Season 1 Episode 111 (Sauternes): “The Angel’s Share”

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Nicole: Okay Berenice, I want to start talking about Sauternes, but first of all tell me exactly where it is that we are. Berenice: So here, we’re in Barsac. Chateau Climens, but the appellation is Barsac. Barsac is the only appellation within the Sauternes appellation. There are 5 villages in Sauternes, but the only one […]

New beverage guidelines issued for kids under 5

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10/16/18 Council Committees: Public Safety, Beer, and Regulated Beverages

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Mixed Drinks You Should Absolutely Never Drink

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Take a look at any bar’s cocktail menu and you’re faced with a dizzying array of choices. However, when it comes to mixed drinks, we’re sorry to say it, but they’re not all created equal. Here are the ones you should avoid. Mojitos sound like the perfect choice for bar patrons looking for a light, […]

25 Facts About Alcohol To Blow Your Mind

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Elite Facts Presents 25 Facts About Alcohol To Blow Your Mind 25. The highest ever blood alcohol level recorded was .091. Over twice the usual lethal limit 24. Around 6 people in the US die per day from alcohol poisoning 23. Around 25% of rock and roll related deaths are linked to alcohol 22. People […]

What If You Only Drank Energy Drinks?

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Whether it’s to fuel your late night study session, or trying to stay alert on the job energy drinks are very popular with 76% of young adults consuming them, but what would happen if you ONLY drank energy drinks? One sip and the feel-good effect is almost immediate. When the sugar molecules hit your taste […]

Soylent: How I Stopped Eating for 30 Days

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I think humanity is gonna continue to grow, everybody eats and everyone needs energy and these constraints are only going to get tighter. And we’re going to have to… take our understanding of the body and nutrition and design something new, make something man-made… for man, for humanity. This is Soylent, some people are calling […]

Rochester Ginger Non Alcoholic Drinks | MBS Festival Brisbane

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– Hi, I’m Rob from Rochester Ginger and Natural Remedy Tonics. Here at MindBodySpirit Festival, we’re sampling our non-alcoholic ginger drinks, which have got a real kick of two very angry mules. And we’re also showcasing our new range of nutraceutical tonics. The first one is our ginseng, ginkgo, and brahmi. It’s designed for memory […]

Classic Beverage TV – Spider Bite Beer Co. – Straight C’s and C+’s

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Hey guys thanks for tuning into Classic Beverage Television. Today we’re going to check out Spider Bite Brewing Company in Holbrook to check out the latest in their straight series. Hi welcome to Spider Bite. We were founded in 2011 and just celebrated our eighth anniversary. So the straight series is an IPA. We originally […]

New Years shopping a treat for Rulli’s, A&C Beverages

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couple of days for Grocery and liquor stores. Between christmas and new year’s , there’s a lot of eating. And for many, that means a special New Year’s Meal. WKBN 27 First News Reporter Cameron O’Brien takes a look at holiday food traditions in the Valley. Rulli Brothers has been hustling and bustling since early […]