Couples Play Truth or Drink (Mattie & Nanta) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– If our life were a porn, what genre would it be? – I’m not really into porn that much, but I’ve always was fascinated by the word bukake. (both laughing) – I am Mattie. – And I’m Nanta. – And we’re dating. – Yeah. – Ooh. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said about […]

How to Run CorelDraw on Mac OS X With Wine Emulator Only

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Hallo.. we meet again in another video tutorial. duh .. This tutorial what name is it? This is called computer tutorial. at this time I would like to show you how to run coreldraw on mac os x computer.. Without of the help by any virtual machine. Like like the help of virtualbox, parallel desktop, […]

Finding the right sparkling wine for a sparkling New Year

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Is Cheap Boxed Wine from Walmart Any Good? 🍷 I Am Not a Wine Expert | JEN TALKS FOREVER

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is the boxed wine at Walmart worth taking a chance on we’re gonna find out hi I’m Jen when you live on a $300 a month grocery budget you got to cut costs wherever you can and that includes booze people recently I’ve started shopping more at my Walmart Neighborhood Market and pro tip if […]


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today we’re in the Tualatin Valley situated between Portland Oregon and the Oregon coast this region is filled with internationally renowned wines and beautiful rustic landscapes let’s go check it out of our lives and we started as all of the movie posters of movies made in Portland Oregon’s oh my gosh Free Willy this […]

Wine tasting at Argyle Wine

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New Year’s Eve wine suggestions

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Drink Up with Daniel – Tosh.0

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(crowd cheering) (screaming) Oh my God! (screaming) Oh my God. (screaming) Oh! Mike, go! Mike, go! How you guys doing? Good. I wanted to let you know one of our regulars would like to buy you a round of tequila shock shots. Outstanding. Hey don’t get too excited. First thing I’m gonna need you to […]

Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea That Everyone Should Know, Yet Most People Don’t 🏥

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side effects of drinking green tea with lemon on hair periods honey skin disadvantages pregnancy green tea side effects on skin green tea is likely safe for most adults when consumed as a drink and moderate amounts but people with stomach problems iron deficiency people with low tolerance to caffeine pregnant or nursing women people […]

The Drink With A Human Toe In It

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This video contains images of a preserved, severed human toe. Just warning you. There’s not really much I can say here. I’m in Dawson City, which is an old mining town in the Yukon Territory, where the Klondike and Yukon rivers meet, and this… this is a cocktail with a severed human toe in it. […]