Wine pairs with Discovery. Wine pairs with Portugal.

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Have you ever combined textures, smells and emotions? It’s about connections and that endless joy. If we look at things with our own eyes, Wine pairs with discovery. WINE PAIRS WITH PORTUGAL

In Other News: Uber subscriptions; red wine to get to Mars; & act your age?

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GEIGERRIG Hydration Pack – Give Your Dog A Drink

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Give Your Dog a Drink – Geigerrig Hydration Pack And talk a lot about the person telling about the guy who ____ hydration pack. One of the things we always mention is that you can hydrate so many different people about ___ germs. We also emphasized the fact that you can hydrate your dogs. Something […]

Wine pairs with Art. Wine pairs with Portugal.

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Who would guess a painting and wine cellar would pair? Forms and lines decanted by the hands and souls of their masters. If we look at things from a different perspective, Wine pairs with art. WINE PAIRS WITH PORTUGAL

Grant’s Getaways: Serenity in wine country

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How to Make Green Beer Inside the Keg from

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Hey guys, Paul at Rapids Wholesale, I’m going to show you a quick easy way to get your keg beer green. If you have one of these picnic pump things it’s really quite simple. If your style picnic pump has a screw top and a vertical pump lever this, unlike a bronco pump all you […]

Vodka warns against using drink as sanitizer

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IRISH PEOPLE TR DRINK ROULETTE! Revenge is a dish best served The revengeance Everyone else called them the revengeance. What did you revenge your crew? I had to get out before he is I’m growing wheezy, and we are the Revenger. Wow what just happened? If you take the lead it’d be aggressive about it […]

Today in AZ: The best way to store and serve wine during the summer

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