Did You Know – Red Wine May Lower Your Risk for Depression

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Did you know Red Wine may lower your risk for depression? One study in Spain found that two to seven glasses per week lowered risk by 30 percent compared to those who did not drink red wine. But be careful, heavy drinking could lead to serious health problems. Always drink in moderation.

How to make a Strong(er) Ginger Beer (7 – 8%)

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we’re going to make another strong ginger beer this time much more gingery than the last one I made a video of a lot more root ginger in this recipe I’ve got one kilo of pale malt extract a good two handfuls of root ginger and I’m also including some honey here about 410g just […]

Beer & Bar Snack Matching | Tim Anderson

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Hi everybody welcome to Drinks Tube I’m Tim Anderson, I’m a chef and a beer geek and I love to pair food with great beer. Today we are going to be pairing some great beers with often overlooked but very important category of food bar snacks. Now there are some classic bar snacks you find […]

Rioja Wine Types

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in recent years Rioja has become the most famous Spanish wine preferred by drinkers worldwide despite its popularity often people find it hard to describe a Rioja or understand its types don’t worry, we are here to help so, let’s dive deep into the Rioja wines Tempranillo is the dominant grape and is usually blended […]

Umeshu and Ume Syrup (Plum Wine and Syrup Recipe) 梅酒と梅ジュース 作り方レシピ

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♪♪♪ Hi, I am the host of this show, “Cooking With Dog.” OK! Let’s have her, prepare the containers for the plum syrup and plum wine. whipe the pre-washed and then dried, airtight containers with the ‘Shochu.’ Damp the kitchen paper with the ‘Shochu’ and thoroughly wipe the inside of the containers. This sanitising process […]

Friends Play the Game Truth or Drink (Yana, Chan, Bjork, Braidon) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Okay Yana, how are we wrong for each other romantically? – For multiple reasons, one you’re gay. – You can say it. – I’m just saying, to point out the obvious. – Oh, now it’s obvious. (laughing) – Bad. – Oh, we’re actually taking this right now? – Yeah. – I am. – Okay, […]

This Drink is Embarrassing

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– You guys are gonna love this place. – It’s so close! – Yeah, it’s good beer too. – Welcome to the Bad Elephant gentlemen, you guys ready to order? – Yeah, can I get the Dusty Showboater Ale – Sure. – I will have the Angry Goatface Porter. – Nice, you’re gonna love it. […]

Hello Kitty Wine Bottle DIY | Requested

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Welcome back to DIY No Need To Cry with Ivelisse This was another fun but extremely messy one! It’s this very sparkly, glittered out, Hello Kitty wine bottle. I really had fun making this one. I wanted it to look like a color book drawing but with glitter and I think I pulled it off. […]

Turning Wine Glass Stemware (Woodturning Project)

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Hi I’m Mike with Craft Supplies USA and today we’re gonna turn a Premium Stemware Kit. Hand-turned stemware is a classy way to impress guests at your next occasion. We offer a full range of glasses. The glass is hand-blown and the glass is pre-cut, so it’s ready to assemble. the glass is hand blown […]

Great Wine Tasting Experiences in Napa Valley Wine: St. Supery

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I’m sitting on a rock and watchin’ Heron fly… Kelly Mitchell with white paths travel and we’re at St. Supery with Michael Scholz winemaker extraordinaire tell us about your Bordeaux experience here. Yeah the five Bordeaux tastings are tremendous experience. You have the opportunity to taste the five different varietals that are used in Bordeaux […]