Viking Oceans: The Fundamentals of Wine

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– Vineyards and wine making date back thousands of years, yet the fundamentals of wine, and how to best enjoy it, remain a bit confusing to many of us. We’re here with Susie Barrie, who’s a renowned Master of Wine, and is going to tell us a little bit about the basics of wine, starting […]

Effects of Alcohol on the Brain, Animation, Professional version.

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Alcohol, or more specifically, ethanol, affects brain functions in several ways. Alcohol is generally known as a DEPRESSANT of the central nervous system; it INHIBITS brain activities, causing a range of physiological effects such as impaired body movements and slurred speech. The pleasurable feeling associated with drinking, on the other hand, is linked to alcohol-induced […]

How Do Carbonated Beverages Affect Health?

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How Do Carbonated Beverages Affect Health? How refreshing, sweet, and tasty is a coca-cola on one of those terribly hot days! The carbonation has something that attracts you, makes you drink them day after day and you surely ask yourself, how can this habit be bad for me if I have heard that this drink […]


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HOW TO GET RID OF MICE PERMANENTLY IN ALL-NATURAL WAY! Do you have any mice in your house or in your apartment? Well, you should know that mice can be more than just a problem. They can spread diseases and germs, leave urine and feces wherever they go, even lice. And the worst thing about […]

Money Matters: Coke to make energy drinks

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How to Lower Your Blood Sugar

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$0.50 Beverage Holder for your Yeti Cooler!

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Hey guys. This is my Yeti Cooler. I probably don’t need to explain to you why these are cool. Yeti has pretty recently come out with a cup holder that hangs on the side here and gives you a cup holder right here. It’s a really nice product made out of stainless steel and powder […]

Using the Grignard Reaction to Make Tertiary alcohols

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Warning: Alkyl halides are carcinogenic. Magnesium is a reactive flammable metal. Diethyl ether is volatile and highly flammable. Wear gloves and work outside or in a fume hood. Fire safety protocols must be in place. Greetings fellow nerds. Carbon is the backbone of organic chemistry and finding ways to connect carbon to carbon is a […]

Double Date & Wine Tasting | Engaged

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– Guys, tonight is date night! – Date night! – I have two of our very favorite people in the whole world with us, my best friend Kathryn and her amazing husband Mitchell. – And his mustache. – We wanted to hangout with you guys and be with them because not only are we doing […]

How to Make a Kisses & Wish Box : Kisses & Wish Box: Add Glitter

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Step ten. To make our container just a little more special, I’m going to add some red glitter glue. I love this stuff. It’s so much fun and it’s a lot easier than the old fashioned method of drawing it on with the glue, whatever design you’re going to draw on and then sprinkling the […]