Introducing: Weed Beer | 22 Minutes

By Brian Lemay 18 comments

[voiceover] You work hard… You play harder. Hey, let’s try these new weed beers! [voiceover] And after a long day of hard, you want the cold, crisp taste of beer, with the full bodied buzz of a marijuana cigarette. [voiceover] Introducing Weed Beer! [voiceover] The new weed-infused beer. So I guess it’s like beer, but […]

3 Craft Beer Shandy Recipes | Tim Anderson

By Brian Lemay 26 comments

Hi everybody, welcome to Drinks Tube, I’m Tim and today we’re talking all about shandies. Now, everybody loves a shandy, even people who don’t admit it. It’s fizzy soft drink, it’s delicious beer, it’s the best of both worlds. It’s refreshing, it’s lovely. We’re here at a beer festival in East London, where we’ve got […]

Do bats really drink blood?

By Brian Lemay 26 comments

Hi, it’s Doug. I just got this in the mail, and I’m really excited. Can you guess what this is? I’ll give you a hint. Animals that have wings come and sleep in there. It’s not a bird house. It’s a bat house. And if I’m lucky, I’m going to have bats living in this. […]

NYC Travel Guide: Things to do, Where to Eat, Drink and Stay

By Brian Lemay 100 comments

Welcome to New York City I’m Jen and I will be your local guide sharing the top 30 things to do. This goes beyond your stereotypical list. There will not be any Empire State Building on this list but instead this is about the experiences. This is what to do, what to eat, drink, where […]

Spaghetti Alla Vongole | Easy Pasta | White Wine Sauce with Clams | Quick Dinner Fix

By Brian Lemay 4 comments

Hey guys and welcome back to another episode of the Lisa show where we cook and we eat so if that’s your jam Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button down below Today we’ll be making spaghetti alla vongole and it is basically a very Simple spaghetti with clam dish. We’ve got beautiful clams and […]

How to Unstick Sticky Beer Faucets – Cleaning Guide

By Brian Lemay 2 comments

Sticky beer faucets? Here’s how to fix the issue Dab the end of the faucet piston in warm water If that doesn’t work, spray with sanitizer Spray the piston, center hole & inside the faucet spout If that doesn’t work, Disassemble the faucet &clean all the parts Unscrew the lower nut and remove the faucet […]

Logger Beer 1&2

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*chainsaw sounds* Logger the beer that brought the forest down U drive an exotic imported sports car I eat exotic foreign food Like frankfurters and pizza But when it comes to numbing my mind, I`m a patriot. I drink the beer that brought the forest down Im a Logger man And the new 18 bottle […]

Energy drinks: power or poison?

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Well, oh, oh my gosh. I’m sorry thing to do is off. I need to stay awake Fortunately I’ve got a nifty energy drink here. This is supposed to keep me awake according to the Manufacturers it it gives me some kind of wings Monstrous wings and look at all the great stuff. It’s got […]

‘I Don’t Wanna Drink This S—t!’ Feat. Tana Mongeau

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It’s kale juice. This is pond water. Burritos! What happened, Darren? They got us, man. What’s up world? We got a special guest on today’s episode, welcome back Tana Mongeau! Hi. What’s good? Tana! Hey, hey. I’m back, I’m basic, I’m bougie, I’m fucking ready for this shit. Hey. Shit. You fucking eat shit, sometimes […]

Texas Roadtrippers meet beer-drinking goat mayor

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