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Split pea, pea coat Right pinky ring glow Cantaloupe clear coat Root beer float ghost Final, final chance in my Robin pants Fucked up, lucks up Last shot mascot Phoenix Suns, Scottsdale I broke blocks at Harvard, shook dice at Yale Trying to keep my composure as I stretch the Rover Attempt to stay sober […]

TOP 5 Cheap Tokyo Izakaya Restaurants | All you can Eat & Drink Options

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Why you shouldn’t count the days since you had a drink

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Hi there this is Craig Beck from stop drinking expert dot com. Welcome to today’s video and the subject of today’s video is Should I count the days since I last had a drink. And the answer is Why would you want to Aidoo this down. You know give medals out. You know if you […]

How To Get Rid of Beer Foam Fast

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Party foul! You pour a beer but it’s more head than body. Don’t want to get a foam mustache? Chemistry’s got your back. So say you pour a beer but it’s all foam. Do you wait? Try to drink through it? Grab a straw. Just kidding. There is a better way. Find something oily like […]

Beer Braised Mussels

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Grandparents & Grandkids Play Truth or Drink (John & Parker) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Have you ever lied to get out of visiting me? (laughing) Coward, cowardly. I’m Johnny. – My name is Parker. This is my Grandpa. – [Man] How old are you guys? – I’m 32. – I’m 62 and a half. – So we really didn’t have a strong relationship until I joined the army […]

Why Mormons don’t drink COFFEE??

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Okay so if you’re at all familiar with the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, you probably already know that members of the church don’t smoke or do other recreational drugs and they don’t drink alcohol, coffee, or tea. We always save those two for the end. I feel like people are always like, […]

Josh Gallagher – I Drink Beer (Official Music Video)

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Well the neon flickers and the jukebox skips With the dancers spinning in time Drunk girls pull on the robot bull But the bull don’t bat an eye Bus boy stacks the ash trays The gamblers cuss the last play And I, Drink… Beer, beer, ice cold beer When the world gets shitty I’ll be […]


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Top 12 Hardest Wine Names to Pronounce | GET THEM RIGHT!

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This is Julien, the French winemaking guy who makes wine videos here on YouTube yes wine videos and sometimes wine pronunciation videos and we are looking at the top 12 most difficult wine names to pronounce in the world of wine, those 12 names that everyone hears about or knows about if you are a […]