Ginger Sweet Lime Soda /Recipe no 141

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Hi!!Namaskar!!Hope you all are doing good.I’m also fine Hope all of you have watched my last video. I’ve got so many positive feedback from my subscribers Thanks to them That was a long video So,today I came with a short video Summer has started. People love to have juices and cool drinks during this season […]

Vending Machine Crack Down get 3 in 1 go Free Drinks!!!

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This is how you get multiple free pops by buying one.

Bartending Tips : Bartending & Serving Drinks From the Gun

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Now I want to talk to you about what kind of drinks you’re going to find on the gun. In case you’re wondering what the gun is, it’s the tool that you use behind the bar and it has buttons on it and you just press them and the drink comes out. For example, these […]

7: Running Reports: SureTrend Food & Beverage Series

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Welcome to the SureTrend four instructional video series for food and beverage processors. In this video we’ll cover running reports. Let’s get started. The reports tab is the most useful and powerful component of SureTrend software. Here you will generate reports and graphs for trend analysis, problem solving, and record-keeping. SureTrend comes pre-programmed with over […]

Thanksgiving wine tasting

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Sweet sweet codeine: Nigeria’s cough syrup crisis – BBC Africa Eye documentary

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Codeine cough syrup is causing a plague of addiction across Nigeria. This thing is a serious issue, it is biting everybody, it’s going from one home to another. If you think you are safe you’re not safe. Those hooked risk organ failure and even descent into madness. He is shouting He is screaming He is […]

Alcohol and Weight Loss: Personal Training St Charles MO

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Hi My name is Clint Schambach, I am a St Louis Personal Trainer and also weight loss boot camp instructor. This is just another time of year, when everywhere you turn, there are more drinks being served. Work parties, New Years Eve, the list goes on. But there are a few things you need to […]

How to Drink Four Loko Responsibly

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BB Ki Vines- | Light Gayi Hai |

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The Voice 2018 Blind Audition – Adrian Brannan: “Two More Bottles of Wine”

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