Platelet Count Drop: Causes & Treatment | Dr. Sharat Damodar

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OSHO: About Drugs

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Drink This Every Morning An Empty Stomach and Loss Your Belly Fat Super Fast

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Drink This Every Morning An Empty Stomach and Loss Your Belly Fat Super Fast


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So.. I’m gonna become… (clap) ..a bartender! (dramatic music) + (montage) Here we go. The first drink, everybody! The first tri- (burps) Jesus! What happened? First drink is whiskey. All right, now. I’m not a stranger to whiskey. Oh shit! Holy shit! I’m fucking good at this, boy. (groans) I’m pouring into my eyes. My […]

Omodos Wine Village in Cyprus

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Hey Tasters! We are in Omodos! Omodos is one of the most beautiful villages, winemaking villages, in the “Krasochoria” villages of Limassol. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Omodos is situated at an altitude of 810 meters above sea level. And it’s surrounded by very famous vine growing regions, the mountain tops of Afames and Laona, that produce […]

Tainted alcohol killed 19 people in Costa Rica last month

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 At least 19 people in Costa Rica have died after drinking alcohol tainted with toxic levels of methanol, local officials said Sunday  The Costa Rica Ministry of Health said fourteen men and five women ranging in age from 32 to 72 died in June from what appeared to be methanol poisoning, local outlet the Tico […]

Atarax 25 mg tablet uses side effects price composition dosage in Hindi

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Sneaky Noah TRIES TO FLY and SNEAKS the Fizzy Lifting Drink! | SuperHeroKids

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– Oh no, this is bad, help! (footsteps approaching) – Noah? Where are you? – [Noah] Up here! (air whooshing) – Noah? – Hi. – How on earth did you get up there? And why are you in a banana suit? – Well, it’s a long story. Me and my friend went to see Captain […]

14 ENGLISH IDIOMS & SAYINGS from food & drink

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Hello. I’m Gill at engVid, and today’s lesson is on idioms and sayings which are based on references to food and drink. Okay? So, these are sayings that are sort of metaphorical, meaning they’re not literally true, but they mean something in a different kind of context. So, you’ll see what I mean when we […]

Root Beer Recipe From Scratch

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welcome friends since we started making pop a lot of people have been asking for a root beer and I’m about eight variations in at this point and I think I’ve got something that works pretty well so I’m gonna show that one to you today in this pot I put 1 liter of water […]