Dating App First Dates | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– (laughs) What are the chances this date ends in a one night stand? – If you are down, 100? Isn’t that how it works? (all laughing) Is that how probability works? (all laughing) (classical music) – Oh my God, you’re so cute! – Hello! – You’re cute, stop. (both giggling) – [Man] You guys […]

Beer Can Chicken | 6 ways!! | DJBBQ

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Hey! What’s up FoodTube crew. It’s DJ BBQ and man, have I a rough week. Living in this campervan. Because the missus threw me out because I was with 6 chicks! And here they are!! Whoo! Aren’t they beauts? Hey! FoodTube guys, it’s bank holiday weekend which means in the UK, you break out your […]

Madison Beer Roasted ME? (Diss Track?)

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Hey guys it’s me again and today’s a very special day man you guys know me I started from the bottom just trying to work my way up you know i started out getting roasted by like these internet famous kids slowly progressing to you know, pretty big youtubers and then lately its been like […]

What are Trappist Beers? | Craft Beer Boys

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Brothers and sisters, welcome to Drinks Tube. This is brother Jonny, I’m brother Jim, this is brother Brad and we’re the craft beer brothers. We’re here to talk about our favourite Trappist beers, and a Trappist beer is what? Is a beer made by monks. Within the walls of the monastery? Within the walls of […]

Kavanaugh Hearing Cold Open – SNL

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Blind(folded) Blind Dates (Aaron & Miriam) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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Do you want to do some dirty talk? Haha call me daddy you like that Hi, I’m Miriam, I’m Aaron I’m six feet tall in 29 years old Oh Are we supposed to say oh, no, I was just talking. Oh, I mean well in that case, I’m 23, and I’m 5’5 I’m the tallest […]

ROOFTOP BAR with 1 EUR BEER in PRAGUE 🔥(Honest Guide)

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Four Beers for Beer Haters | Sarah Warman

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Hi i’m Sarah and i’m a professional beer lover but I didn’t always used to like beer, in fact, I used to hate it until I found a beer that changed my mind. Beer is fantastically diverse, so I can personally guarantee that if you think you don’t like beer it’s just that you haven’t […]

2 Incredible MATCHA + COCONUT Drinks 🐝 DAY 26 | HONEYSUCKLE

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Thirsty koala drinks from rescuers’ water bottle near Australia bushfire

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