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*gagging and barfing noises* WASSUP YOUTUBE! Today we are going to try some more weird sodas let me introduce you to the flavors (What’s with the megaphone?) sweet corn soda! pickle juice soda Carrot cake soda! The Grass soda! The Ranch dressing soda! HA HA HA HA! Last but not least, we’ve got Green Apple […]

It Didn’t Take Long for Americans to Forget about Prohibition

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Yadkin Valley Winter Wine Passport and Beer Passport Part Two | North Carolina Weekend | UNC-TV

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– [Tom] The demise of the tobacco industry, really a lot of the farmers around here were left saying, “Well what am I gonna plant now?” And having learned that the area has a lot of soil and temperature conditions similar to Burgundy, France, soon discovered that this was not only a good place to […]


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Captions are on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off. When I was a kid, swimming was one of my favorite things to do. I was on the swim team starting when I was four years old and then on and off throughout grade school, although I wasn’t especially fast. I just loved the […]

American Winery of the Year

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Tasting Central California: A Paso Robles Wine Tour

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The Central Coast of California. Incredible scenery, soothing sophistication, and a delicious wine destination. The San Luis Obispo annual jazz festival marks the beginning of a story that would take Tricia and me out to taste the best of Central California. We journeyed to the vineyards of Paso Robles with 101 Wine Tours. Hosted by […]

Norwegian Cruise: Ultimate guide to drinks

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Ahoy there cruises. Are you confused about the Norwegian drinks packages and all of the drinks available? Well we’ve got everything you need to know In our Ultimate Guide. Let’s go! So, first of all. Let’s talk about the different drinks packages available on “Norwegian Cruise Line”. Well first of all. All adults in the […]

See Through Engine on NITROMETHANE – Blow Up Attempts 1 -9 Crazy !

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Welcome back to this episode that I am very excited about. And that is blowing up the see-through engine. Now in a previous episode. I had A viewer request. To run this see-through engine on nitromethane. Which I did not do because I thought it was way too dangerous. But I am going to run […]

My Favourite Alcohol Drinks Recipe | 我的私房酒单 | 莫吉托 | 桑格利亚水果酒

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I love to have a drink with my friends when I’m in a bad mood I’d like to share with you the recipes of my favourite alcohol drinks May you be blessed by the world with all its tenderness Good night, sweet dreams

Trump: Drink my little wine, have my little cracker

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