A Whole Lotta Beer

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– Ah, beer. People have been enjoying it for thousands of years. (clinking noise) Lagers, ales, and stouts have all found their way into our cultural identity. – What a hunk! – I don’t always drink beer… – More of a dark, biscuity flavor… But what’s the connection between these frosty beverages and art? Let’s […]

How to Play Flip Cup aka Flippy Cup | Drinking Games

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Why Chinese People Always Drink Hot Water

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Imagine yourself in China in the middle of July. The weather is boiling, and the only thing you can think about is a big glass of ice water. You ask for a drink at the nearest cafe and take a gulp. But the water’s so hot that it’s burned your tongue! Yep, in China, drinking […]

Shopping Inside Total Wine and Spirits in Shrewsbury, MA ( Tiệm bán rượu bia )

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Hello everyone! Today I’ve got a chance to stop by this liquor store they have a lot of wine and beers, that’s why I wanted to do a video clip for everyone to see let’s do it in January, still cold I’ll need my beanie hat to keep my head warm This store name Total […]

Arby’s® | Beer Cheese TRIPLE STACK Review 🍺🧀🍖 | Peep THIS Out! 🤠

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so we’re coming up on Oktoberfest or in Arby’s case meatoberfest and I’m about to take a look at something off of their new promo menu which looks pretty awesome so let’s hit that drive-thru and set ourselves up welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty yeah peep this out can […]

Lagerita – the Ultimate Beer Cocktail? | Jonny Garrett

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Hi Guys, Welcome to DrinksTube I’m Jonny from The Craft Beer Boys and today we’re celebrating London Beer Week with a twist on a Margarita. So we’re gonna get that savouryness from the tequila, we’re gonna add some hoppyness and some fruit from a lovely hoppy beer. So super simple this is all you;re gonna […]

Dating App First Dates | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– (laughs) What are the chances this date ends in a one night stand? – If you are down, 100? Isn’t that how it works? (all laughing) Is that how probability works? (all laughing) (classical music) – Oh my God, you’re so cute! – Hello! – You’re cute, stop. (both giggling) – [Man] You guys […]

Beer Can Chicken | 6 ways!! | DJBBQ

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Hey! What’s up FoodTube crew. It’s DJ BBQ and man, have I a rough week. Living in this campervan. Because the missus threw me out because I was with 6 chicks! And here they are!! Whoo! Aren’t they beauts? Hey! FoodTube guys, it’s bank holiday weekend which means in the UK, you break out your […]

Madison Beer Roasted ME? (Diss Track?)

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Hey guys it’s me again and today’s a very special day man you guys know me I started from the bottom just trying to work my way up you know i started out getting roasted by like these internet famous kids slowly progressing to you know, pretty big youtubers and then lately its been like […]

What are Trappist Beers? | Craft Beer Boys

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Brothers and sisters, welcome to Drinks Tube. This is brother Jonny, I’m brother Jim, this is brother Brad and we’re the craft beer brothers. We’re here to talk about our favourite Trappist beers, and a Trappist beer is what? Is a beer made by monks. Within the walls of the monastery? Within the walls of […]