Pairing Red Wine with Food – Pinot Noir Rose

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– Working in the wine industry, the most common question that I’m asked everyday is how to pair what wine with what food. Today we are at the Fraternity Club in Fairy Meadow and we’re gonna pair some of the most common red wine with some of the most popular dishes. Hi, I’m Beppe. I’ve […]

Chef Rick Bayless Roasts Beer-brined Chickens on the Kalamazoo Grill Rotisserie

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One of the most delicious meals I ever make Is a simple roast chicken Today I’m going to take it step by step Through how to do it on A rotisserie At the grill But when I’m cooking a chicken Roasting it in the oven or on the grill The first step that I always […]

New beer honoring sandwich shop owner tragically killed to be sold at NoDa, Plaza Midwood breweries

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Making My Friends Drink My Breast Milk

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Is It Best to Drink Tap, Filtered, or Bottled Water?

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💕怎样煮红酒面线?💕 How To Cook Red Wine Mee Sua💕

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How to Cook Red Wine Mee Sua

A Guide to Red Wine : Decantation of Red Wine: Part 2

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Hello my name is Mihaly Fabok and we are here on behalf of Expert Village. Now I can do it continuously. This candle light helps me a lot; I can see the sediment in the bottle. When I see the sediment, I have to stop pouring the wine into the carafe. Usually the old wine […]

Patriots ID Fan Who Threw Beer At Tyreek Hill, Ban Them From Gillette Stadium

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That Mate Who’s Too Into His Beer

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You’re going to love these This one’s a Belgian mild and this one’s a German wheat beer So long as it’s got alcohol in it right? Well your milds are actually quite low in alcohol content so… So you’re a bit of a beer connoisseur then? No I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur Let’s just […]

How to Play Russian Roulette w/ Liquor | Drinking Games

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