OUR ELF is a MERMAiD!? Morning Routine and Candy Drink Experiment! Adley Christmas Dance Recital

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James Osborne, Wine Microbiologist

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Wine Tasting at The Royal Hawaiian

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Beer Pong with Müller, Boateng’s Rap & Götze’s Mannschaft! | Jack Whitehall: Training Days

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– Go! – No! Thomas! – Muller, Muller! – Ah! – ( whistle blows ) – ( clamoring ) Jack: Come on, no, stop, no, children! – ( whistle blows ) –Nein!Das ist mein lufthammer.Das ist meinwhat?( music playing )Jack: I’m Jack Whitehall, in this series,I’ll be getting up close and personalwith some of the […]

Europeans try Thai Beer

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welcome back everyone today with special guest Pascal again and this is actually the first time we film after we’re back from Thailand I had a great time there. I think we all are from Team Candid and you were not there I was at home but we had a good time and there are, […]

A Wine Lover’s Weekend Escape to the Yadkin Valley: Part 1

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(calm guitar music) – Now, you have to realize that, in North Carolina, it’s a very unique place in the grape world. We grow European varieties, we can successfully grow them here, where you can’t even a little bit south of us in South Carolina. And we grow some of the hybrid grapes, and hybrids […]

Thomas Rhett – Beer Can’t Fix (Lyric Video) ft Jon Pardi

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You’re all alone at a party, you wanna dance with somebody But you ain’t got a clue how to ask You and your girl had a fight and now she’s sayin’ goodbye She ran upstairs and packed her bags It could be rainin’ on your perfect vacation You could be stressed about your work situation […]

Sour – Tasting Big Drop Brewing Non Alcoholic & Gluten Free Beer

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welcome friends today we are going to taste the big drop brewing sour beer the big drop sour so tell me all about this one so as I mentioned in the in the first segment this that you should have seen Johnny the Brewers face when I said good news Johnny everyone wants a sour […]

Super Funny Babies Drink Fails – WE LAUGH

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This is a compilation of the BEST baby’s drinking moments fails. Don’t miss out !

What Your Drink Says About You

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Oh Hello, welcome to the bar. What can I get you? Sam Adams huh? Let me guess, you’re from Boston. Catch that Sox game guy? Here’s your Cranberry Vodka, I hope you meet a nice gentleman tonight. Now don’t knock it back like a cowboy. And you dump it out! Here’s your Redbull Vodka. Ah, […]