Thomas Rhett – Beer Can’t Fix (Lyric Video) ft Jon Pardi

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You’re all alone at a party, you wanna dance with somebody But you ain’t got a clue how to ask You and your girl had a fight and now she’s sayin’ goodbye She ran upstairs and packed her bags It could be rainin’ on your perfect vacation You could be stressed about your work situation […]

Sour – Tasting Big Drop Brewing Non Alcoholic & Gluten Free Beer

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welcome friends today we are going to taste the big drop brewing sour beer the big drop sour so tell me all about this one so as I mentioned in the in the first segment this that you should have seen Johnny the Brewers face when I said good news Johnny everyone wants a sour […]

Super Funny Babies Drink Fails – WE LAUGH

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This is a compilation of the BEST baby’s drinking moments fails. Don’t miss out !

What Your Drink Says About You

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Oh Hello, welcome to the bar. What can I get you? Sam Adams huh? Let me guess, you’re from Boston. Catch that Sox game guy? Here’s your Cranberry Vodka, I hope you meet a nice gentleman tonight. Now don’t knock it back like a cowboy. And you dump it out! Here’s your Redbull Vodka. Ah, […]

Who Invented Tequila and What’s the Deal with the Worm?

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Although tequila dates back only a few hundred years, people have long used the heart of the agave plant to make delicious, alcoholic beverages. Maguey (Agave) Cultivated from at least as early as 200 A.D. by the Zapotecs of the Oaxaca Valley of southern Mexico, the maguey has been essential to life for well over […]

Citra IPA – Tasting Big Drop Brewing Non Alcoholic & Gluten Free Beer

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welcome friends we are back with big drop brewing oh and today we are going to try the citrus IPA Citra IPA I’m looking forward to this because Citra is one of my favorite hops good hop so what else is in here so hop wise we’ve got Citra Simcoe Centennial and Columbus so the […]

6 Ways To Open A Beer Using A Mountain Bike

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– Ah… Oh man, it’s so good to get at the end of a good ride to have a nice cold beer on a hot day. – Or on a cold day to have a warm beer. – You have a warm beer Neil, that’s correct. – Of course, we drink responsibly and actually these […]

Are Royal Caribbean Drink Packages Worth It?

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Today’s Royal Caribbean drink packages tips are brought to you by where you can find reviews tips and photos from real everyday cruisers check out their site in the description below hey all you thirsty Royal Caribbean cruisers when planning our Royal Caribbean cruise we did a little or a lot of research on […]

7-Eleven Clerk In Coma After Beer Thieves Break Bottle Over His Head

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Ancient Chinese Beer recipe

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hello everybody today we will prepare a very spectacular rice beer following an ancient recipe directly from China so let’s see the ingredients and how we can make it we will use one kilogram of rice malt one kilogram of white rice six gram of dry ALE yeast eight gram of the hop (the fuggle […]