Toàn cảnh Vietnam Beverage Battle 2017

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The first innovative beverage competition in Vietnam Honorable awards: $5000 – Represent Vietnam on an international competition Sponsored by an international brand Famous judges 16 talented contestants | 1 champion Impressive performances Intense battles Creative drinks Vietnamese centella milkfoam Red dragon fruit syrup 5-star Earl Grey tea Unique drinks Skillful techniques Young champion Owner of […]

Teen Alcohol Abuse – Who I Want to Be

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Big win! Nice win. Bring it in! Bring it in! Bring it in. Down on a knee. Alright. I’m proud of this win. Alright, you guys worked your butt off. It doesn’t matter if we’re down thirty points, twenty points, whatever the score is, you worked your butt off and you came back. Mason, rough […]

Alcohol Awareness Campaign PSA: Sleepover

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[Text Message Alert] GIRL’S VOICE: Trisha’s having a sleepover tonight. Can I go? MOTHER’S VOICE: I wonder about Lucy’s friends. What should I say? I know you’re only 10, but one of these days, a friend will offer you a drink. And alcohol, at your age, can lead to so many things. None of them […]

Battle of the Bubbles: Prosecco, Cava & Champagne | Amelia Singer | Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube

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Hello, welcome to Drinks Tube. My name is Amelia Singer and I’m a wine enthusiast because, quite frankly, I love wine. Today we’re going to be looking at bubbles. Cava, Prosecco and Champagne. You need to know what is going on in your glass. Bring on the battle of the bubbles! Seriously, it’s camera shy! […]

Rack’Em Beverage Cooler Rack for Enclosed or Open Trailers Review –

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Today on our trailers we’re going to take a look at the install and operation of the Rack ‘Em beverage cooler rack for enclosed or open trailers, part number RA-18 This holder can hold three or five-gallon water cooler or tank sprayers Has a unique, durable, hammered-paint finish to prevent rust and corrosion Now for […]

Beverage tax in Berkeley, California: A study of the first year’s results

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In November 2014, the city of Berkeley, California passed a penny-per-ounce excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages — the first tax of its size and type in the United States. The tax was intended to raise revenue for programs that improve children’s health, and to improve all Berkeley residents’ nutrition by encouraging people to buy […]

Dychová skúška | Alcohol beverage control – Slovakia | ENG SUBTITLES

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Enough. For god’s sake let’s do it once more. [PO]: Take a breath and then blow intensively. I fucking wonder how 80yo is gonna be blowing. Keep blowing… I can’t blow more. Where should I take more vapor from? [PO]: Once more. Take a breath and keep blowing slowly not quickly. [PO]: Enough. Well [PO]: […]

Modeling Alcohol Abuse and Liver Disease – Bin Gao, NIH IRP

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>>As you know, drinking too much alcohol may cause you liver damage and it leads to liver cirrhosis and then cancer. So, you know, the goal of our laboratory at the National Institute of Health is trying to understand how alcohol drinking causes liver damage and liver cancer. Particularly we want to know how immune […]

Baby’s funny reaction to coca cola

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Baby’s reaction to coke . Subscribe my channel desaparece este tipo

9 Tasty MANGO Dessert & Drinks Recipes | Summer Special | CookWithNisha

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Mumma pls give me Mango Mastani i want Mango Ice cream I need Aam panna I want Aam Papad I need Aam panna I want Mango Mojito This mango is gonna to fulfil the demands of all of them but before that hit 30,000 LIKES to this video first prepare Mango Pulp as this gonna […]