Beer Can Chicken Recipe

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How to Play Kings | Drinking Games

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“Drinking & Driving” – Gabriel Iglesias

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Oh my God, yeah And if you’re gonna drink And you are thinking about driving Don’t do it ya know It’s not a good idea cause like I said You know when you’re drunk You know when you’re drunk You’re doing laps in the parking lot And you can’t find the exit Hello!! Some of […]

Binge drinking ups pancreatic cancer risk in men

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How The Pros Brew It, Sour Beers at Lost Abbey/Port Brewing Co. | Total Wine & More

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Sharing the Language of Beer

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– People started to realize, oh this is really cool this is fascinating, this is interesting and they started to, you know start socializing with these other deaf folks that are here. And at the same time the deaf folks starting hanging out with the hearing folks and they started becoming regulars. (upbeat hopeful music) […]

Cooking Demo: Beer-Brined Chicken | Season 2 Ep. 7 | GORDON RAMSAY’S 24 HOURS TO HELL & BACK

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How to Bottle Beer

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Hi I’m Tricia an organic gardener. I grow organically. For a healthy and safe food supply, for a clean and sustainable environment, for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Welcome to home beer brewing part 2 it’s time to do the racking, that’s when you take the beer from the primary fermenter into the secondary fermenter. […]

Beer in Bratislava | Experience Bratislava with Barbora

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Hello everybody! Today we are about to try liquid gold – the best beer pubs in Bratislava with local specialty beers. First on our beer list is Monastery Brewery on SNP Square. Bratislava has icons that every visitor should see and brewery Flagship is one of them. The restaurant is one of the largest in […]

Giant Catapult Beer Pong!

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