The Promised Neverland – Anna & Ray – Drink

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Why We Pre-Drink

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Alright cab’s going to be here soon. Come on, let’s smash this rum. Quick game of fives. Wait, why do we have to finish the rum before we get into the cab? Well we’ve got to finish the bottle before we go in, don’t we? Why can’t we just leave it and drink in London […]

How to Play Flong (Beer Pong/ Flip Cup) | Drinking Games

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What Beer Do You Drink Down Under? | Learn Australian English | Aussie Culture

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What kinds of beer are common in Melbourne and common in Australia that I should try? The common ones, Ryan, unfortunately, don’t always tend to be the best ones. So, to talk to you guys a little bit about beer, and the beer that I would drink here in Melbourne. Melbourne is really good because […]

Blind Wine Taste Test

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San Francisco – Muir Woods and Wine Country Tour

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Gripe Water Colic Treatment : Can You Overdose on Gripe Water?

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My name is Christine Marquette, and I’m a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic, and I’m going to answer the question, can you overdose on gripe water? For the most part, you cannot overdose on gripe water, it really depends on how it’s made. Most versions of gripe water contain a purified […]

Oxycodone: What You Need To Know

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Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid which has been used since the early 1900s. It is one of the most common opioids in medical settings and is widely taken for recreational reasons as well. Since the introduction of OxyContin, a controlled release form of the drug, its use has increased. The positive effects include euphoria, pain […]

Warm Beer, Dirndls, and David Hasselhoff? – My reaction to (funny) clichés about Germans

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What you’re from Germany that’s so cool, but why do you guys like warm beer? Hello servus, and welcome back to my youtube channel. My name is Felicia, I am German and I’m currently in my hometown Munich in Germany, and I have spend about a year in total in Cincinnati, Ohio and I’ll go […]

Craft Beer 101: Entrepreneurship and Beer – Learn Liberty

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Peter : Chris, there’s Craft Beer everywhere. Here on tap, I was just at a Craft Beer festival. There’s just tons of Craft Beer. What’s going on? Is this the best it’s ever been? Christopher: No, this is not the best it’s ever been. Actually, 1870 there were about 4,000 breweries in the United States. […]