Me and My Mother-In-Law Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Would you ever forgive me if I cheated on your son Jimmy? – I would hurt you. (both laugh) – You all heard it. (classical music) – I am Deashia. – And I’m Eileen, the mother-in-law. – I did. (laughs) Why did you agreed to come? – I didn’t even know what I was […]

4 Types of Beer For People Who Don’t Like Beer

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The 9 People You Play In Beer Pong

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– Who’s stacking the cups? Don’t stack the cups! Can we just keep water in here, and then just drink our side-beers? Rinse your ball! Rinse your ball! You should have a water cup and Purell. Oh, that wouldn’t have counted anyway because you didn’t wash your ball before. Wash you ball! Are you trying […]

Truth or Drink: Siblings (Duranged & Brajoro) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– You know what his nickname is? – What? – The hentai hybrid. – Oh, shut the hell up. What? You just came up with that shit. What hentai huh? (laughter) – So just so you guys know, we used to wrestle back in the day. You know, cardboard belts and all that shit. – […]

Can You Handle These Asian Drinking Games?

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(crunching) (whining) (muffled laughter) (happy music) – Today, we’re here to play some asian drinking games. – It is Friday, it is 5 o’clock. – I have nothing to do for the rest of the day, so I’m ready to drink. – I’m nervous. My hands are clammy. – Yeah, me too! – I’m also […]

3 drinks you must try in Barcelona

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Hey travellers, how are you? Today I’m going to recommend you ” 3 local drinks you must try in Barcelona”. So for this I have a very special surprise for you from Castlexperience Wine Tour a friend of mine, Mike. So first drink we are going to try is “Vermut” that’s why we are in […]

What’s the tea? How to give the drink as a gift this Christmas

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Pronouncing Spanish Wines 101.V1

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Josef Chromy Wines | Discover Tasmania

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(♪♪♪) Hi, I’m Jeremy Dineen, chief winemaker here at Josef Chromy. Come through and I’ll show you around. (♪♪♪) JEREMY: Josey Chromy arrived in Tasmania in 1950 as a penniless Czech refugee. And he actually made his first fortune in the meat industry before branching out into wine in the early 1990s. And since then […]

EP 13 Fuzhou Stew Duck Wing In red wine paste 红糟鸭翅

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Hi everyone welcome to Emilee’s Kitchen. 欢迎来到爱米丽厨房 I am very excited to share with you today’s cooking. 今天我要和你分享的是 The duck wing with Foochow red wine paste. 红糟鸭 It is originated from foochow in Fujian province. 它是一道福州菜 I love this dish so much. 我超爱这道菜 Because when I was a little girl, my mom always cook this […]