Introducing Kingfisher Instant Beer | Best Beer Anytime, Anywhere | Cheers!

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Beer is not the answer Beer is the question Yes is the answer! I want someone to look at me, The way I look at beer Beer, the best damn drink in the world Because beer makes everything better! You can’t buy happiness but you can buy beer, And that’s kind of the same thing! […]

In-Laws Play Truth or Drink (Dionne & Sue) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– What don’t I know about my son, that you do? – Gosh, I feel like you know everything? (loud laughter) He does shave it all the way off. Did you know that? – No, but it doesn’t surprise me. Cliff did that years ago. (laughter) – I’m Dionne Ervin and this is my mother […]

The Perfect Drink by Brookstone

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Enjoy the expertise of a world class bartender at home with the Perfect Drink. A smart scale paired with an instructive app for your mobile device that helps you make perfectly mixed cocktails. So even if your guests aren’t exactly entertained by your flare bar tending skills. How’s it taste? The Perfect Drink will surely […]


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Hand Me A Beer – Cyanide & Happiness Minis

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Hey dude, could you hand me a beer? -Sure. *Grunts* YAAAAHHHH!!! *Cracks* Uh haha… *Screams in pain* *Screams in immense pain* Here you go. -Thanks, man. *Screams in pain*

Beer in Video Games

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Beer [song with “beer” as pitched sample playing melody] Beer Beer Beer [repeated in time to music, slowly growing more deranged] [terrible, terrible music] Back in my highs… college days uhhuhu tomfoolery, when I didn’t, uh, drop out, I was known to frequent the Summer Shandies. The Edward Forty Handies. The Midnight Moonlight. Bud Light, […]

How to Cheat and WIN a Drinking Race!

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This week, we’re going to win a race. And we’re not even going to cheat! We’re going to cheat. I mean, it’s “Scam School.” This lovable rapscallion brought you by Welcome to the only show that was born from the make out session between a bookie and the clown– “Scam School,” the only show […]

My Boss & I Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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(woman laughs) – If we didn’t work together, would you sleep with me? (upbeat orchestral music) – My name’s David. – I’m Kat. – I’m Curtis. – My name is Chai. – [Crew Member] What’s the relationship? Blind date? – [Both] Nooo! – No. – This is my boss. – I’m Carlton’s boss. I’m his […]

Exes Play Truth or Drink (Michael & Mara) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– What do you miss most about us? (laughs) – Hng… You have a really nice ass, I’m not gonna lie. – I’m Mara. – My name is Michael. – We dated for four and a half years. – Two years ago? – Last summer! It hasn’t been two years. – Okay, a year, nevermind. […]

What Would You Do: Friends push girl to drink to excess | WWYD

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I am so proud of you, birthday girl Four shots the first place, five shots the second, you’re getting there! 21 shots on your 21st birthday! We all did it Guys I don’t know if I can. Just can’t wimp out now if you only turn 21 once bartender A round of tequila shot, Por […]