DIY Christmas Decoration – How to Reuse Old Wine Bottle for Home Decor | Best Out of Waste Craft!

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How to Make Beautiful Bottle Decoration for Home Decor This is a recycled craft that is turned into a very attractive DIY Home Decoration This Room Decoration craft looks royal and ethnic. Things You Need… Adhesive, Empty Bottle, Thread, Acrylic Black & White Paint, Brush, Golden Spray Color Decorative Flowers, Pearls, Golden Beads, Scissors, Glue […]

Pingza makes choosing wine simple.

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Do you love wine but struggle to choose the right bottle? At the supermarket do you end up buying based on price, number of awards or just because you like the label? What wine to pair with your food or to bring to your friend’s party? Does wine jargon drive you nuts? If so, don’t […]

Strawberry, Chilli, Red Wine & Black Pepper Sauce

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Isan Sausage, White Wine, and Mango Sticky Rice: Chef’s Night out with Bardot Brasserie

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Top Vinyards | Colchagua Valley | Wine Tour, Chile

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We’re in Santa Cruz three hours south Drive of Santiago in the heart of the chilean wine region. We’re staying at the Noi blend hotel which we’ll show you a bit about later but today’s main event is a vineyard tour. we are going to four different wineries and we’re going to be sampling loads […]

Double Blind Date (Joe, Kwan, Brianna, & Aretha)| Truth or Drink | Cut

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– [Interviewer] How important is smell, on a first date? – Oh, really important. – Pretty important. – Super important. – Yeah, pretty important. – Can you smell either of us right now? – Absolutely. – Oh, no! – Somebody’s wearing… – Very strong cologne. – Some very strong cologne. – Ah. – Yup. (group […]

Importance of Drinking Water During Pregnancy | Water During Pregnancy | YourYouTubeMom

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Taste Great Kosher Wines

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Cat Wine and Clam Candy Canes With Gary Vaynerchuk

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– Hey everybody, this is the Ask Gary Vee show. – No, no, no – And we– – No, no, no, no. This is my show. My show. Roll the intro. (upbeat music) Hey everybody, and welcome to Don’t Put That In Your Mouth. My name is Mark Cersosimo and today we have a very […]

Irish People Try Australian Beers

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John: Mmm, tasting beer. Nicole: *Austrailian beers, ‘Strailian Beers* John: ‘struth Elga: Smells like beer! Looks like beer! David: I think it is beer John: Smells, pungent. Nicole: Yep, Fairly pungent. Paddy: #We like to drink with Paddys cause Paddys is our mate. And when we drink with Paddys we get it down in 8.# […]