Weight Loss Drink – healthy recipe – loose 5 kg in 5 days – Natural Fat Burner- no diet

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(lush vibe music) – [Man] What the. – [Woman] I lost. – Hi guys, welcome back. Today’s episode is a little bit different. In today’s episode I will show you a nice recipe how to lose weight. – [Woman] Are you serious? – Yes, lose weight. I am using it in the morning and in […]

Jay Fund hosts wine gala to raise money for a great cause

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Side-effects to taking blood thinners

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The Truth About Cranberry and UTIs

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A lot of us have been there, especially biosex females. You’re uncomfortable, and you’re going to the bathroom every few minutes. When you do, it’s almost unbearably painful. You think you probably have a urinary tract infection—a UTI—and the first thing you might reach for before calling your doctor is a bottle of cranberry juice […]

Why Red Wine Flowed From An Italian Town’s Faucets

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Why red wine flowed from an Italian town’s faucets For several hours on March 4, residents of Castelvetro could collect Lambrusco wine instead of water from their faucets and shower heads Castelvetro, a northern town in Italy, experienced the malfunction when a local winery’s stocks leaked into the water pipes The local winery, Cantina Settecani, […]

Capitol Beer Fest Held Despite Coronavirus Concerns

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Why I eat cheese and wine to reduce stress

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Hello, I am Sun from Hungry Gopher. Welcome back to the three-part series of videos to teach you about the core principles of health and wellness First off I want to thank you for your feedback on the previous video your emails questions and comments are inspiring and they supercharged the Gopher in my first […]

Metformin Part 3 – Common Side Effects Review

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Hi, I’m Peter Lwin. Welcome to Blood Sugar Magic or BSM. In today’s episode I’ll talk about some common side effects of Metformin and what actions can be taken if they occur. The information provided is intended for Australian audiences only and is general in nature. It does not replace the advice given to you […]

Sacramento’s ‘Capitol Beer Fest’ takes coronavirus precautions

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Texas Burrito and More shows us specialty drink

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