Making Maple Syrup | How to Make Everything: Root Beer Float (3/7)

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When I made my sandwich from scratch, I attempted two different sugar sources. Sugar beets, which failed to grow, and honey for my root beer. I’m heading to Central Minnesota for yet another source of sugar. Maple syrup is derived from the sap of the maple tree. During the winter, the trees store starches in […]

What should singers eat and drink? | The Singer’s Diet | #DrDan 🎤

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Why We Don’t Drink Coffee at Mass

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OK (laughs) Are you ready for someth-? (laughs) Sorry, I entertain myself. Ready for something (laughs) that will blow your mind? (laughs) Sorry, OK. Are you ready for something that’ll … Are you ready for something that will blow your mind? Like actually, I … Are you ready for something that will blow your mind? […]

Erst: simple, seasonal food & natural wines in Ancoats

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The simple stuff is hard to get right. That’s why if you can do simple things, really, really well, that’s the main objective. That’s what Erst is all about. The food at Erst is seasonal could change by the day, by the week. Keeps it exciting for the kitchen, and for the customers. All the […]

Women ‘Crushing It’ Wednesday: Wine & Crime Podcast

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KIRMIZI SARAP ( RED WINE ) VIN ROUGE – Ceyhan Firat Hizal 2015

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Witching Hour Red Blend Wine

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PASCO Spectrometer: Beer’s Law

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[PASCO Spectrometer: Beer’s Law] Hi, this is Tom Loschiavo, Chemistry Education Manager at PASCO scientific. I’m here today to talk about how you can use the PASCO Spectrometer to do Beer’s Law analysis of solutions. I have the PASCO Spectrometer bluetooth-connected to the computer. I have a set of standard solutions and an unknown solution […]

Introduction to Beer Photography & Retouching Tutorial | PRO EDU

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(amazing beer music) – Welcome to the beer tutorial. We’ve been planning a beverage tutorial for a very, very long time, and looking at the curriculum from multiple different perspectives. And in doing so, we realized, beer has to be its own category. There is just so much to learn when it comes to photographing […]

(酸萝卜老鸭汤) Eat some meat and have drink in cold days, my favorite –pickle radish duck soap|Liziqi

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Red Radish White Radish Cherry Radish Mustard Plant (To make Chinese Pickles) Grandma, see? The turnip is even bigger than my head! Grandma: Haha, big turnip! Marinate Seal with water Grandma, don’t do it. Leave it to me. Duck Grandma, please help and get me a soup ladle [Grandma answering] Ok Be careful walking in […]