Sen. Mitt Romney Caught Drinking Chocolate Milk During the Impeachment Trial

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-Let’s get to the news. The White House said yesterday that President Trump is very, very happy with his impeachment legal team. They say he only threw the remote because he thought he saw a bee. [ Laughter ] Senator Mitt Romney was seen today drinking chocolate milk during the impeachment trial, and then right […]

“Basil seed drink” – Assist valeur Co., Ltd.

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This is a basil seed drink importing from Thailand. We recommend these four products. It is a popular product in Thailand. But those products contained synthetic coloring agent and preservative. So, over around 2 years, we created original recipes for Japanese. So only our product removes a preservative and the synthetic coloring agent. The product […]

Why is “wine mom” culture problematic? #AlcoholStories

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For years and years, the marketing industry had always targeted men for their alcohol ads and what happened in the early 2000s is we saw a shift in marketing. The alcohol companies got very wise. they always understood that the women were the people in the household who spent the budget. So the marketing company […]

Wining and Dining: Wine and Cheese Night at Western U

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Listen here folks. String Cheese is string cheese for reason. It’s got strings! Hey Western Priyanka Doger here at Brescia and USC’s Wine andCheese formal. I’m expecting to taste some wine, try some fancy cheese and witness some great live performances. Stay tuned and let’s return to the roaring 20s! Are you by chance are […]

Fussball, Beer & a Cinderella Club

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This is the authentic Cincinnati experience here Good? Calen, I was in St. Louis for majority of my life Cardinals were always better than the Reds. No one cared, right? Everyone’s like Cincinnati? Soccer, really? Dude, It’s amazing to me I think it surprised everyone from the coaching the players the ownership group the fans […]

Japanese Vending Machines – Beer, Ice Cream and Snails?

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Hey Friends! So, today I am going to be showing you guys around my city of Tokyo. But, we are going to be doing something completely different. We are going to be trying to survive Just on Vending Machine!!!! So……… LET’S GO!! Okay, so first thing we are going to do is….. to get something […]

The ‘Shirley Temple King’ reviews the sweet drinks all over his hometown and its ‘Worth the Watch’

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Cold Coffee (Iced Coffee) Drink Recipe by Manjula

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Today I will be making Cold coffee, iced coffee. During summer days there is nothing better than tall glass of cold coffee. And for me this brings back lot of fond memories from my collage days. This recipe will serve two. For this recipe we need 8 oz of milk 3 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon […]

A&W in JAPAN (Root Beer & Burgers Review)

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Hey guys, today we’re at A&W and no we’re not in America, we’re at the first A&W restaurant in Okinawa. [intro music] So we decided to come to A&W for a couple of reasons, number one there are no A&W restaurants on the mainland in Japan, number two neither of us have ever been to […]

How Supercooling Beer Works

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Be super cool, and freeze a beer instantly. Type in “freeze a beer instantly” on YouTube, you’re gonna see a ton of results. Here’s how it works. Whenever a liquid is cooled below its freezing point, it doesn’t freeze instantly. Instead, it needs a single imperfection, a nucleation point that causes the crystals to start […]