Colorado Beer & Marijuana Come Together In CO2 Pilot Program

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UB40 back to their second home for Red Red Wine Tour

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They’re the most famous reggae/dub band in the world and they are back in Aotearoa to perform four shows across the country. Ub40 is ready to rock the country. Tamati Rimene-Sproat caught up with them in Auckland today. It’s a return to their second home. UB40 have been coming back and entertaining NZ fans for […]

🍺🍺Dry January Taste Test: Alcohol-Free Beer! (Part 2)

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– Hi, it’s Matt and this is part two of my alcohol-free beer taste test. Last time, I found about 15 beers in my local supermarket and since I filmed that one, I found another 7. So, let’s give them a try. (fanfare) I don’t have a specific order to try these in, so I’m […]

TVFPlay I Pitchers I S01E01 I Watch all episodes on

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Thank you, Sir. Thank you, so much. Sir, great job at BuyEasy… Fantastic you are Thank you. And sir, congratulations for your second round investment too. Actually sir, I work for an e-commerce website… …and I am a category manager there and I… You can upload your resume on career section on our website. Sir, […]

Behind the Wine: Plata Wine Partners

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When your client’s creative direction is to “go wild,” go for it. Create a 360-degree, all rattling label experience. Hi everybody I’m Sabine Lenz, the founder of PaperSpecs, with your weekly dose of paper inspiration. If you know anything about me you know that I LOVE paper, from its limitless versatility to the way it […]

What if You Stop Eating?

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We all understand that our car needs fuel to keep it running. In the same way, our body also needs fuel, in the form of food, to power our continued existence. The food we consume provides us with a range of different nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, water, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, and protein. These nutrients […]

Crispy Crunchy Beer Battered Kang kong

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Hi Astig Vegans! Today I’ll show something super simple and easy to make You’ve probably heard of this recipe before. I’m just making it vegan Filipino by using a green, leafy vegetable called Kangkong. This recipe is called Beer-Battered Kangkong. And this is great if you don’t have much time in the kitchen, or if […]

This Beer Will Give You The Best Buzz For Your Buck

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I’m going to drink 3 different beers at 3 different alcohol percentages across 3 days. And we are going to find out which gives the best buzz for your buck. All these beers are under $2, and after I’m done drinking them, we are going to test my BAC. I’m excited. You should be too.

Sen. Mitt Romney Caught Drinking Chocolate Milk During the Impeachment Trial

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-Let’s get to the news. The White House said yesterday that President Trump is very, very happy with his impeachment legal team. They say he only threw the remote because he thought he saw a bee. [ Laughter ] Senator Mitt Romney was seen today drinking chocolate milk during the impeachment trial, and then right […]