Four Sauces: Béarnaise, White Wine Butter, Madeira Mushroom & Red Wine Mushroom

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(accordion plays) – Hey, thanks for stopping into Heinen’s. I’m chef Billy Parisi and I’m gonna teach you how to make three delicious sauces that will pair up with just about anything. The first sauce we’re going to make is Bérnaise. We’re gonna start by cooking down some shallots, cracked black pepper fresh tarragon, and […]

San Francisco Beer Scene – Anchor Brewing Company | The Food and Beer Geeks | Ep 3

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He’s Austrian and I’m Irish. I’m important, He’s a Cook. You’re a pain in the ass. Unbelievable. It’s our interpretation really you know? Brewery tours are wonderful things. Breweries are magical places. And they alway give you free beer! (laughing) So Brian and Peter were in San Francisco and after nearly a week of eating […]

Science of Beer: Tapping the Power of Brewer’s Yeast

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I think people that don’t make beer would be shocked to know what a beautiful complex process it is. There’s basically five things that go into beer. There’s the water, malt, hops, the yeast and then finally you have the brewer managing all that. Because the same brewer can take all those same four ingredients, […]

مشروب الكاسترد \ مشروب شتوي سهل

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alsalam ealaykum Welcome to the video Today’s video is a winter drink Custard drink Easy and delicious I hope you subscribe to the channel Like and share the video let’s start A cup of milk Sugar as desired A quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla A quarter of a teaspoon of Cardamom powder 1 tablespoon […]

How climate change could affect wine production

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Wine tasting: Red Wine Evidência Reserve

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Hey, cheers! Today I have a wine from Dão region. Touriga Nacional. And the wine is Evidência. The wine is clean. Ruby color. Spices. Floral notes. Figs. And red fruits. On the palate will feel some vanilla and it has a smooth finish. As a perfect match I recommend red meats. Cheers!

HealFast Health and Wellness Series – Red Wine Reality

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Hey Guys – this is Dr. Myro Figura with the HealFast Health and Wellness Series. Today I am joined by my guest and dear friend, Justin Samra Justin: Hey Everybody, I hope you’re having a wonderful evening. Dr. Figura: Absolutely, and today we have decided to talk about some red wine. So you’ve heard that […]

Turn Beer Bottles into Glasses, MAN VS. PIN #8

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What’s up, I’m Rob, you’re watching Man Vs.Pin The show where you pin em, and I win em Er…Sometimes. Sometimes. This week’s suggestion comes in from Leilani Allen, who’s been all over the comments these past couple weeks with this pin, where you make drinking glasses using your old beer bottles A pretty cool pin, […]

Colorado Beer & Marijuana Come Together In CO2 Pilot Program

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UB40 back to their second home for Red Red Wine Tour

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They’re the most famous reggae/dub band in the world and they are back in Aotearoa to perform four shows across the country. Ub40 is ready to rock the country. Tamati Rimene-Sproat caught up with them in Auckland today. It’s a return to their second home. UB40 have been coming back and entertaining NZ fans for […]