Study: Climate Change Threatening World’s Wine Supply

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Best Beers for Christmas Day | Craft Beer Boys

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Welcome to Drinks Tube, we are the Craft Beer Boys and we’ve found five amazing beers for this time of year. These are our perfect beers for Christmas day. It’s Christmas Eve guys, i’m absolutely wacked i’m so tired i’ve been wrapping prezzies all day, and i’ve got one little prezzie just for me. It’s […]

Beer-Battered Cauliflower Wings with ‘Honey’ Garlic Sauce | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

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Hi guys, It’s no secret that cauliflower is my least favourite vegetable but that doesn’t mean I won’t eat them. Especially if they are beer-battered and deep fried. Oh yes, these I will eat. Moreso if tossed in some vegan honey garlic sesame sauce too. So to make these delightfully indulgent nuggets, start with a […]

Truth or Drink with My Ex! (Tim H) | Hannah Witton

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– Hey, everyone! So, different setting. We’re in a hotel room! It’s Playlist Live. This is Tim H. – Hello! – Cheers. We also have Dodie behind the camera. – [Dodie] Hello, it is me! (laughter) – Dodie in person. Hello! – So, I saw these videos from this channel called WatchCut Video, where they […]

Interview: The guy who threw the beer at John Coffey (English subtitles available)

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Well, i was standing somewhere around here And he was over there At a certain point a friend told me to finish my beer so we could get a fresh supply. I still had about- wait one moment I still had about this much left I saw that he was thirsty, well not really, but […]

Coors Brewery Expands To More Than Just Beer

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Oh man, looks like my can of coke has run dry. Hey! Where’d that thing come from? Yes! That coke is mine! Or is it? The battle’s on – let’s duke it out! Oh boy, this got ugly really fast. When it comes to a cold delicious beverage, all bets are off — you’ve just […]

Cocaine Dependence – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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Cocaine, sometimes called coke, is a powerful psychoactive stimulant that alters how the brain functions – specifically how we perceive our surroundings. Cocaine comes from the leaves of the South American coca plant, and has been used for over a thousand years. In modern times, it’s become a popular “party drug” because cocaine reduces inhibitions […]

Improve your beer quality control

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Have you ever been to the Black Forest? Hiking in this beautiful expanse of nature is one of my favorite leisure activities. On these kind of hiking tours, unexpected events can suddenly happen. That means you need to adapt to the situation and find a new way to your destination. The brewing industry faces similar […]

There’s Mold In The Beer Lines! – Bar Rescue, Season 4

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Let’s go see the beer cooler. Jon: Last night, Maria spit out her beer,and the customers are saying that it’s flat,so today I want Neil to go throughthe beer system top to bottom. Look at that. That’s mold, white, bloomy mold. All that stuff’s going right into your beer lines. Is anybody even checking on […]